"SNARED" By The Darkness / SAVED BY LOVE
Amazing Stories Of Courage That Countered One Evil Man's Rampage

 The Snared Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Aurora colorado, courage quote, bravery

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends. John 15:13

Aurora Theater Shootings

Three Very Different Men Under The Assault… 
With Only A Spilt Second To Decide… 
Did The Exact Same Amazing, Courageous Thing.

They Put Themselves...
Between The Danger & Those They Loved.
Instinct… Honor... Valor…
Call It What You Want…
Jesus Called It…"The Greatest Love"

Jonathan Blunk (26)

Jonathan Blunk

The Ex. Navy Man Jonathan Blunk knew exactly what was happening when he heard the gunshots. He pushed his girlfriend Jansen Young down & told her to get under the seat where he shielded her with his body. Moments later he was dead, but Jansen walked away.

Matt McQuinn (27)

Matt McQuinn

Alex Teves (24)

Alex told his sweetheart and girlfriend of a year, Amanda Lindgren, to get down and he covered her up. It was the last act of his life.

Alex Teves

And Then There's… Stephanie's Courage To Stand By Her Wounded Friend, Regardless of The Danger

Pierce O'Farrell's Prayers

Considering the Number of Shots Fired At Point Blank Range…  It's A Miracle That Only 12 People Died.

Life Is Precious & Life Is Short

Looking at the evil perpetrator of this act… We were moved at how people who reject the Lord and are full of themselves… How They Can Just Ruin Their Lives and the lives of those around them in a Flash. They put themselves on a road that Eventually… Inevitably... Leads to Disaster, Darkness & Death!

hell quote, no love, no hope

If You Want To Ruin Your Life & The Lives Of Those Around You?
Then Turn Your Back Away From The Love & Light Of God.
They Call It Loneliness, Sadness, Darkness & Spiritual Death.
Hopelessness With No True Honest Purpose In Life…
For Want Of A Better Word…
Be Ye Living Or Dead…
They Call It…

Folks Thinking They Are Smart, Wise And Proud… Better Than Everybody Else… Better Than God… Are Snared & Their Lives Are Turned Into Hell. Might Not Look Like It On The Outside Initially But, God Sees The Heart & Sadly That Road Leads To Destruction Both Spiritually & Physically. It's Poison to the Heart, Mind & Soul.

hate vs love,choice, good or evil

If you've ever used weed killer you know what I mean. You spray it on the plants and they look fine… bright, shiny, fresh, strong & doing great. But as time goes on the poison goes to the roots and turns off their ability to function and soon the plant withers and dies. That's what happens to folks that take that dark path of putting themselves before the Lord and turning away from the light. Eventually they are snared & just crumble and melt away into the dust from whence they came.

He Loved Darkness Rather Than Light
And His Life Sequentially Went To Hell

james holmes, insane, evil, nuts

Because They Receive Not The Love Of The Truth, God Sends Them Strong Delusion That They Might Believe A Lie & Be Damned.  2nd Thessalonians 2:11

Many… Dare We Say… Most…

OK… All...

Have walked that road to some degree. For All Have Sinned & Come Short Of The Glory Of God! Romans 3:23. We've all strayed from God's Love & Light... and it has taught us how precious that love & light is. We've all had to face the darkness at one time or the other… but Somewhere Along The Line… We Got The Point & Turned… & Received The Lord & His Love In Our Lives.

And Subsequently...

set free, brake the chains, freedom


His Love...
His Sacrifice...
To Die For Us All...
Brought Us Back From Death...
Back From The Darkness That Seeks To Consume &
He Gave Us Love, Light, Hope & A Reason To Live
He Broke The Chains & Gave Us Victory Now & Forever

For Want Of A Better Word…
Be Ye Living Or Dead…
They Call It...

heaven, victory, hope

We Could Tell You About James Eagan Holmes

james holmes, court, mad, evil, nuts, insane

and how he attended a Lutheran Church as young man growing up. How He never wanted to get too involved with it all and was mainly there because his parents pushed him to go and how he turned his back on all the good loving samples he saw…

But You Can Get That Somewhere Else.

Like Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Timothy Mcveigh and a lot of others that have gone before... His Snared & Sad Story isn't really worth getting into. He Chose Darkness... Rather than Light, Evil... Rather Than Good, And Hate... Rather Than Love.

The Greater Story Is Always The Courage & Sacrifice That Are Born From Such An Event! The Loving & Courageous Samples Like Rachel Scott who stood up for God... though it cost her, her life. Or the selfless souls who sacrificed their all, like Dave Sanders... so that others might live.

Those Are The Things Worth Talking About. Those Are The Miracles That Bloom From Such A Tragedy and Light Our Way To A Better Day.

We Pray For All Those Affected… And We Pray That God Will Win A Great Victory Out Of All Of This.
That Through This Great Sadness & Heartache, Many Will Reject The Darkness & Come To Know The Lord!
That Many
Will Forever Be
"Set Free"

A Final Word

All This Evil Was The Result Of One Man Rejecting The Love & Light Of God. One Man That Allowed Himself To Be Snared By The Darkness. May God Protect & Keep Us All From Such Evil & Horror! And… Should We Ever Face Such A Situation May We Each Be As Brave & Courageous As Those Mentioned Above Were.

May We Stand Up For The Love, Light & Truth That God Has So Wonderfully Given Each & Every One Of Us!

12 Precious Souls...

gone not forgotten, quote, aurora, colorado shooting

PS. We Are Reposting " SNARED "

In Light Of The Subsequent Rash Of Mass Shootings Across The Country And The Recent Horrors Of The Issis Genocide In The Middle East We Are Reposting This Page! The Basic Message Above Is True For Each Incident & Situation! The Lord Will Overcome All & Win The Victory In The End!

He Never Fails

That's It For This One Friends…

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