There's Always Time For What You Think Is Important

Priorities Was Penned & Compiled By Max O'Neill

Priorities Quote, Smile Priorities, Smile Cry,

It Is
The Big Question???

What Do We Hold Most Dear?
What Do We Really Treasure?
What Is Truly Important To Us?

Priorities, Goals, Quote

We Might Give Some Politically Or Spiritually Great Answers...

But take a moment to ask yourself what do you spend most of your time on?

What Do You Think About Most Each Day?

What's On Your

Heart... & Mind... & Soul?

Tough Questions, Sometimes you've got to ask the tough questions, similar to google home page

Like The Old Preacher Once Said...


Don't Tell Me What You Believe...

Tell Me What You Do...

& I'll Tell You What You Believe!'

The problem is if we don't ask the needed questions and face reality... we can go our whole lives spinning our wheels and getting no where. Like sittin' in a rocking chair... we can be in constant motion, but never moving an inch from the spot we're on!

God Help That Not To Be Us!


run the race


finish strong, priorities


sinking sand, eternal worth


shoot for the stars

That Really Is The Bottom Line...

"What Is #1 In Our Lives?"

Jesus Said It Best...

Mat. 6:21, where a man's heart is

May God Help Us To Put

The Lord & The Kingdom 1st

We all get busy with the job or the car repair or the meal or a million others things. Each very necessary… each very important, but we must keep it all in perspective. Amazingly if we keep the Lord first… everything else seems to work out fine. But when we don’t… then watch out. It’s then that we get into trouble. Losing our proper focus… has a terrible kick-back. You lose the blessing… you lose the vision and you lose the root reason for why you’re doing everything else. 

why am I doing all this, remind me, tell me why

     It invariably happens to us all. Thank the Lord... God is patient and helps us to get back on track. 
     So if you find things aren’t going smoothly… if you lack an inspiration in your efforts… if you feel dry and crusty and burdened… take a moment to check your heart. Are you putting Him First? Do you seek Him for help and guidance in all your efforts?

check your heart

Get His Wind Under Your Wings and You Will Soar Higher Than Ever Before.

It’s Not Just A Thought…

Or Pipe Dream...

It's A Promise!

Hang On To Him & Put Him 1st

And He Will Give You The Ride Of Your Life!

Turn Your Volume Down A Bit Before Clicking On This Video.

Oh What Fools These Mortals Be

With Priorities Wandering So Far Agley
Better By Far... 
To Keep Their Eyes On

We All Have Our Priorities...
We All Treasure Something First

funny golf picture, priorities, what's most important

All Joking Aside, May God Help Us

To Get Our Eyes
Off The Kernel
& Onto...
The Eternal

God Help Us To Keep
His Kingdom...
As Our Priority

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