The Anchor Holds

The Anchor Holds is Penned and Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Life Can Be Tough

The reality of life is that sometimes things get difficult. We all face challenges with health, work, hopes and dreams. Maybe someone we have to deal with is a constant pain... maybe a relationship crumbles. Any number of things can happen, but we all, eventually... have our 10 minutes of turbulence. 

10 Minutes Of Turbulence, Christian Story

     As the well known pastor told... he was once on a flight to a mission station in India. The plane hit a pocket of bad air and the plane dropped 1000 feet in just seconds. Great Man of Faith That He Was (LOL) ... He thought for sure he was done... his goose was cooked, but then the air settled and soon they were at their destination. He says now... "That we all have our 10 Minutes Of Turbulence"! Every life... every soul... great or simple... we all have difficulties. 


Hebrews 6:19,Through the storm, jesus, pilot, friend, guide, captain, a very present help in times of need

Real Security

The key is to know that the Lord holds it all in His hands... more specifically he hold each of US in His Hands! He won't let go... we are solid... we are safe... we are secure for all time!

Every Life & Every Journey...
Has Its Time Of Trial & Difficulty
But...Regardless... Through It All

Hebrews 4:16.  jesus a very present help in time of need, bible quote

Problems With Purpose

God makes us and refines us through our problems and sadnesses and heartaches. The great thing is though, that through all that we will experience…He Will Never Let Go! We might think we are about to sink or that all is lost… but... It Is Not... and Jesus Will Always See Us Through.

Peter 4:12 & 19, jesus captain of our ship, anchor of our souls, guide, savior, quote

Make No Mistake

Beloved, Think It Not Strange Concerning The Fiery Trial Which Is To Try You, as though some strange thing happened unto you: ...Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God Commit The Keeping Of Their Souls To A Faithful Creator. 

Peter 4:12 & 19

A Rainbow Of My Tears, Beauty For Ashes

The Man & The Story Behind 
The Anchor Holds

Lawrence Chewning, our anchor holds, song

Heart Cry

This Beautiful Song… was written by Lawrence Chewning. It is the heartcry of a man who had had all his dreams and hopes shattered. His ministy as a pastor had been lost... his wife had suffered a very late term miscarriage for the third time and in every facet of his life he seemed lost.

Not knowing what to do he sat down in his remorse and heart-ache to the piano, which he had long since given up and started to cry out to the Lord. The resulting product was this beautiful song. 

     It was recorded by Ray Boltz and was a big hit but, forever the heart of that song comes from the broken pastor crying out to God and making that eternal statement of faith…   that…

The Anchor Holds

And It Holds, My Anchor Holds: 
Blow Your Wildest, Then Oh Gale,
On My Bark So Small And Frail,
For My Anchor Holds, My Anchor Holds.

William G. Martin 1902 

trials quote, jesus in the  storm, anchor holds, overcoming problems

Which Hope We Have

As An Anchor Of The Soul...
Both Sure And Forever Steadfast,
And Which Entereth Into That
Secret Place Of Refuge
Hebrews 6:19

hebrews 6;19. anchor holds, quote, help in time of need

So if everything in your world goes upside down. If your plans crumble and crash... do not despair. There is a reason and a purpose. The Lord knows what He is doing in your life. All things work together for good to them that love the Lord.Romans 8:28

The Lord Will Keep You... 

The Lord Will Uphold You...





God has something great in your future

He Will Never Let Go

That's It For This One Friends…

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