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Easter Story, Resurrection, King Of Kings

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Easter happened about 1977 years ago, on a Passover Weekend. Unlike Christmas it is a Day of the year that is Precisely Known. Jesus was Arrested, Tried, Unfairly Convicted By Fickle Public Opinion... Then Mocked, Scourged and Whipped and Hung on a Cross to Die... Which He Did! But His Death Was Not Just for the Satisfaction of the Jealous Religious Body that felt Threatened by Him or Because of the Ignorance of the Political Rulers that Oversaw the Deed... His Death Was For Us All!

isaiah 53, all we like sheep have gone astray

Each of Us, Through our Selfishness and Personal Sins... Each of Us Helped to Drive the Nails into His Hands and Feet. We Have All Gone Astray... Not One of Us is Righteous and Jesus Died for Us All... He Freely Gave His Life so that We Could Live!

Cross, nailing jesus feet, we crucified him

Greater Love Hath No Man Than This, That A Man Lay Down His Life for His Friends. John 15:13

Thankfully The Story Doesn't End Here

Jesus Resurrection, tomb, easter morning

On The Third Day After They Killed Him
Jesus Came Back From The Dead
Unlike All the Fantasy Books, Movies & Stories...
That Try and Copy Him...
Jesus Actually Did It!
And He Did It to Show Us That We Too Will Live After This Physical Body Perishes.

A Simple Sample For All Ages To See!

Jesus Risen, Jesus Resurrection, Easter

His Victory is The Hope of all Generations. That From His Defeat, Earthly Demise and Death would Spring & Be Born Life & Salvation To Us All. It is the Greatest Gift That The World Has Ever Received. That One Day When We Lay Down and Gasp Our Last Breath… It Will Not Be The End… But We Will Be Renewed… Reborn and Given Life Eternal & Everlasting Victory!

This is The Resurection and the True Hope of Easter… Now… & For All Time. Unto Our Children's, Children's, Children!

It Makes Any Sacrifice We Might Make For The Lord In This Life, Pale By Comparison To What We Have Been Given & What Awaits!

And... That Is... The Nitti Gritty...
Bottom Line And 
True Story of

Isaiah 53

Jesus life and sacrifice was prophesied long before he was born by the prophet Isaiah. Click Here To Read The Most Amazing Prophecy Which Details All That Was To Take Place! Many have thought that this was a chapter written after Jesus's life... but actually it was written hundreds of years before!

easter sand sculptor, crucifixion, jesus on the cross

Below Are a Series of Posts From the 21st Century Christianity Forum Pages That have been submitted by Viewers From Around the World! Hope They Will Illustrate The True Meaning of the Day!

The Real Meaning of the Day

John on Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:14 pm

Time To Get Ready for Easter!

Best to get off our keisters and get ready for Easter! When we did the Christmas thread it took some time to get it up and going... so I thought we might get a running start on this one! Anybody Game? I'd like to roll off the 1st salvo with "He's Alive" by Dolly Parton! 

Re: The Real Meaning of The Day

Sam on Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:25 am

Like your Christmas thread John, I have to agree that Easter is made into a vacation holiday rather than a day of remembrance. Sorry if that's not clear, but it's just, Bunny's, egg hunts and this, that and the other and ... not that it's so bad, but it's kind of like putting on your suit and tie to go out and change a tire. Like feathering a chicken, but not cooking it! Makes no since and misses the main point!

Last Supper, easter

Do folks get it? ... Here is a man and his followers sitting down for their last meal before the most eventful day in the world since creation. Do people understand the magnitude of the event? It seems like many miss it or it hits pretty shallow, but it is ohhhh soooo DEEP!

Re: The Real Meaning of The Day

JoeJoe on Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:30 am

Guys this is a spot on thread! Let's Do it! Sam I've got my Work Clothes ON... Lets Change the Tire! Joe

Re: The Real Meaning of The Day

Tom Willis on Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:04 am

John You're leading the way again... Thank You for Starting the Topic! Sam Lets Drop this Chicken into the Pot & Make A Meal!

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