You Are Loved

You Are Loved Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

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In Todays World… With All The Push & Shove Of Life… Drenched In Drama… Pounded By High Tech… It Can Often Feel Like We Are Just A Speck… A Dot… A Blur… A Side Note Of No Importance. 

You Are Loved, You Matter quote, Never Give Up

That's A Load Of Hooey, Because You Matter… You Affect This World… You Are Important…And You Need To Know…You Are Precious…&...You Are Loved!

You are loved, Don't Give Up, Quote

We're not talking about a Big Self Worth Contest, but we are talkin' how…God Sees You…How He Treasures You!

When you realize that... & You Know He Loves You and Cares for You... Then You Also Realize That With God Behind You... Anything Is Possible… There Is No Mountain Too High..… No Valley Too Wide… No Goal Unattainable…

And Nothing Is Too Hard!

Philliians 4:13, I can do anything quote

As An Example Of This Point We Chose Todays Artist...

Jason Gray, speech impediment, Christian Musician,

He Looks Like Your Average Cool, Suave Contemporary Christian Singer... Right?
Think Again

Jason sings like a rock star, but when you get past the song, you see that he is just like you and me… with weaknesses and faults and problems that he has to fight to overcome. Those Issues drove Jason to the Lord and made him the Great Man and Musician of Faith that he is Today. If you don't believe me… Watch These Short Video Clips!

A Conviction…
That God Uses... The Weak Things...

To Confound The Mighty & The Wise

Jason was called by "Christianity Today" the "Best Kept SECRET" in modern day Christian Contemporary Music. We have to say we agree! His Low Key, High Value, Loving Sample and Great Presentation are Definitely Under-rated. You can see he really cares and you can see through his Brokenness how God Has Given Him Real Power and Strength to Touch and Encourage Others. He Moves Folks… He Touches Lives… He Encourages All Those He Meets!

As With Every Soul That Has
Suffered & Overcome Major Problems...
Jason Has A Heart &
Understanding For Those …..
That Are Walking The Valley of Trials!

You Are Loved

It's such a great thing to hear and get to know Jason… because Often We Forget. We Forget how much the Lord Loves Us! Sometimes The Picture Fades of that Beauty when we first came to Jesus!

That You Are Loved &...

you are loved, you are the Lords

We Get Busy With All The Affairs and Things of Life… And We Forget. We Drift Away From That Simplicity And That Joy of Our Salvation and We Forget! It Sometimes Takes An Honest Soul Like Jason to Help Us Remember. Someone Whose Simple Honest Sample, Causes Us To Stop... Re-evaluate Our Lives and Get Back To Our Spiritual Roots.

Gettin' Back To The Basics

Never Forget That...
You Are Important...

you matter, Confidence, You are Loved

Always Remember That...

The Love Of God In Your Life
Is More Precious
Than Anything…

Any Problem or Difficulty…..
Any Worldly Success or Fame…
Ad Infinitum!

you are loved, you are important, confidence, Quote

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