Kim Clement 
The Man...The Mission...& The Ministry

Kim Clement Page...  Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity

A Man Of God With The Guts
To Speak The Words & Visions
That The Lord Gave Him

Kim Clement, Tell It Like It Is, Fiery Prophet,

If You Want Milk Toast
La Dee...Da Dee...Da Christianity
This Is Not The Guy To See

But, wait a minute, on the other hand

If You Are Sincerely Looking For Someone To Show You The Fire And Power Of The Lord
Someone To Lead You To A

"Living God"
Who Will Rock Your World...
Step Right Up

kim clement, he's got what it takes

Kim Clement Is A Really...

Kim Clement, rock prophet, prophet kim

Photo Courtesy Kim Clement Center

Empowered By The Spirit of God
And Modern Day Media & Music
He Reached Beyond Time & Tide
To Touch The Heart Of God
And Show The Future To Us All

Prophet, kim clement, god not dead, god speaks

God Speaking To This Generation
In a Language & Manner
That It Can Relate To & Understand

The Future Foretold

From around the world... Presidents, Prime Ministers, Queens, Intelligence & Law Enforcement Agencies, & Top Businessmen have sought his insight.

Say what you will, but God has spoken through this man... and folks know it!

The Shocking
Election Of Donald J. Trump

One of the most shocking prophecies that Kim received was regarding the election of Donald Trump to the White house. In 2007 he prophesied that Trump would be a Trumpet and rise to the highest office in the land.

It seemed like a joke... but God knew. 

Trump Wins, Miracle

Later in the summer of 2014 Kim Clement was invited to a meeting with Donald Trump & other religious leaders. He was planning on going, saying "this could be it... this could be the time when God fulfills all He has spoken." Before he could meet with the possible candidate for President, Kim suffered severe health problems and was forced to decline the invitation. For the next 15 months we, and the world watched in amazement as Donald Trump confounded all the prophets of doom and gloom and rose to win the Presidency. 

Something unheard of... Something so shocking that only a Prophet of God could have known this would happen.

Even The Enemies Of God Were Forced To Acknowledge Devine Intervention

Donald Trump. An Act Of God

Kim though in poor health lived long enough to see this prophecy fulfilled.

The 9/11 2001 Terrorist Attack
Foretold in 1995

9 11, world trade center

Five years before the 9/11 attacks... Kim accurately described 2 planes hitting New York and starting a war that would take place in Iraq.

Better explained in the viedo below.

Even the casual observer has to admit the amzing accuracy of these pridictions. 

Beyond the business of relaying the messages that God gives him, you can since a real move and anointing and this feeling that Kim loves reaching out to touch lives... he loves hearing from "Beyond The Veil" and then coming back to this plane to make an impact on people, nations and the world!

Capture Of
Saddam Hussein Foretold

In a spot on Larry King Live when Kim Clement was asked by Larry... "where was Saddam Hussein hiding?"... Kim told Larry to keep an eye on him and he'd let him know. The very next week Kim Prohpecied in front of 10,000 people in Dallas Texas that  Saddam would be pulled out of a hole in the ground shortly before Christmas of that year and gave amazing details regarding his capture.

Saddam Capture... Just Before Christmas

Saddam Hussein, Kim Clement, Prophesy, Capture

A Message
Of Hope For The Future

In a World Where Fear of the Future is often used as a tool to Move and Motivate People... Kim has given a clear Message of Hope! Many in fear have waited and predicted repeats of 9/11, but Kim has consistently gotten... up to this point... that God was going to protect America and that such an act of horror would not happen again!

Kim Clement Quote, winning quote, win a generation, Kim Clement

This Man has accurately predicted and encouraged many a searching soul that God was going to work in their life and lift them to a new day when their potential would come out and they would have the future that God had ordained for them. Kim Clement has inspired and motivated and moved many a disheartened individual and been the spark that God used to lift them back on to their personal road of destiny. The proof is in the pudding and wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Matthew 7:20 Just ask the folks that he has helped.

He Once
Famously Prophesied

Kim Clement Quote, future quote

So Resounding & Effective Were These Words That He Was Later Quoted By The President Of The United States

Japan's Earthquake
Tsunami Foretold

Japan Tsunami, Prediction, Kim clement, Kim Clement Quote

After The Prediction Came True He Didn't Wag A Finger And Say..."Hey I Told You So". Instead He Dove In To Help With Support and Life-giving Faith and Encouragement.

For Many Like Us & Those That Our Ministry Touches... He Made The Difference

In 2006 Kim Accurately predicted that a massive earthquake that was  predicted by some for California would instead strike Japan.  On March 11th, 2011 it happened. After the quake  Kim and His Ministry have Actively worked to help Japan and Missionaries there who were adversely affected by the quake and resulting Tsunami and Nuclear Power Disasters. His message of Faith and Hope to Japan rallied many to stay and fight and rebuild. He gave great courage and help to many including the fellow behind the key board at the moment. He Saw It As God Saw It and surely made the difference to many.

Japan Tsunami, Kim Clement Quote, Romans 8 28

Little Is Much If God Is In It

Kim Clement Quote, midget quote, midget on a mountain, Kim Clement

Heeding The Cry of Those In Need

Kim and Jane Clement, Jane Clement, Kim Clement

Kim Clement & His Wonderful Wife Jane

Often spoken of in Prophetic Circles many of  Kim & Jane's Philanthropic activities have gone largely unnoticed. One thing is for sure... They Practice What They Preach. When they encourage folks to give to God so that God can bless them, they speak from experience.


Practice What They Preach, walk the talk

As a young Assistant Pastor in South Africa Kim and Jane were very tight financially. Living in a converted garage with their small children, they really felt that God wanted them to give to someone in need... which they did. It was their last dime. As they gave someone gave them on the very next day a hundred times what they had given. They continued to help others and God in turn continued to help them and multiply their witness and their ministry. Today there are Pastors, Missionaries and Good Folks around the World who can attest to their Care, Kindness and Sacrificial Giving.  

Giving, loving, helping

Most recently Kim and Jane have started a ministry to help the needy children adversely affected by the one child policy in China. Often in that country, baby girls with small defects are cast out and left for nothing. Kim and Jane have personally taken it upon themselves to pay for operations to have these children’s defects repaired.

   Not Stopping There They've Adopted
5 Precious Special Needs Children

Matt Clement, Kim Clement son

Kim Clement Page Originally Published In 2011


kim clement children

Photo Courtesy Kim Clement Center


kim clement children

Kim Clement Page Originally Published In 2011

This all while trying to maintain a ministry that is fighting to reach the world on a shoe string budget. They are giving till it hurts, but they have proven...

You Can Never Out-give God! 

For More On This Click Here To Go To Jane's Corner

Behind Every Great Man There Is

A Great Women...
In Kims' Case
That Great & Wonderful Lady
Is Jane

Kim Clement , wife Jane Clement

Kim Clement Page Originally Published In 2011

When Kim & Jane came to Japan we had the wonderful blessing of spending several days with them as they visited the Tsunami Affected areas. Jane is just an amazing person... she sees injustices and tries to right them... pain she comforts... sadness and brokenness she loves & lifts. 

This was before they adopted their kiddos from China, but as she told the story of the baby birds she had rescued and as we saw her heart God spoke so clearly "That She Who Is Faithful In The Least... Much Also Shall Be Given Unto Her!" She now has 4 more beautiful children to care for and raise.

     She sees the world... not the way it is... but the way it should be. So Much Love & Kindness! If the leaders of the world had only a billionth of a fraction... of the compassion that she has... things would be so sooo much better! What A Gift She Is And... What A Wonderful Team They Are Together!

Jane Clement

Photo Courtesy Kim Clement Center

To Kims' Critics... We Say...

Come Let Us Reason Together

Kim Clement

Kim Clement Page Originally Published In 2011

First off let us say we are missionaries! We find it quite bizzar that with Billions of people having never heard the basic message and hope of Christianity that... Christians would waste their time trying to argue over small issues when there is a whole world that needs to be reached. Much like Jesus said... "some folks will strain over a gnat and swallow a camel!" Matthew 23:24 Seems like a trip off of the enemy to us. 

But For Peace Of Mind...These Thoughts

There have been instances over the years where Kims' Prophecies have come under scrutiny. Fair Enough. We too took a long hard honest prayerful look and here is what we have concluded.

     There are times when we don't see it as God sees it. We know in part and we prophesy in part... we see through a glass darkly... through the veil... between this world and the next. In our simple human form... we then present things the best we can. 1 Corinthians 13:9-12  Every Prophet that has ever been...has seen or presented things and folks have just gone... "Hungh... what's that?" The prophet knew it was true... knew it was from the Lord, but in the natural mind it just didn't make sense.

     Let me give you the best example I can think of. We had never met Kim... we didn't know him or his ministry. After the Japan Tsunami someone sent a prayer request to him for us. Kim got a beautiful prophecy about how our house had been broken down and how we needed help. He prophesied that God was going to raise us up to be a witness to this country and these people. All in about 50 words or less.

     The physical house we lived in had been hardly touched and to the simple minded it could have looked like a huge miss... BUT... with a little more knowledge of how God sees it... the truth was apparent to us.

     We have been missionaries here and in China for over 30 years. The little missionary group we came East with had completely collapsed. We have struggled on for years on our own, without any other outside help, encouragement or backing.

     We've witnessed to and reached 3 Prime Ministers and the top leadership in this country. Our ministry has touched thousands and thousands of people, but we have been working from a broken spiritual house. Kims' prophecy was spot on regarding our situation, It was powerful... it was precise! Our situation in Gods' Eyes was heartbreaking and tough and the Lord knew we needed encouragement and help. That was what we got from Kim, Jane and their team!

     Kim came all the way to Japan and has done everything he could to lift us up and help us. The full extent of the truth of his prophecy we cannot express here, but he saw it... as God saw it. No one knew our broken hearts but the Lord and no one knew how much we needed help and encouragement but God. Only someone who could see the Lord's heart clearly would get it. KIM GOT IT!

     Having been introduced to us... via a simple 3rd hand letter... God broke through to Kim & spoke... out of nowhere... and painted our situation to a tee. Kim is just such an instrument like that! That's Who He Is & What He Does!

     If we were the only ones to have experienced this... then it would be a novelty, but every where you turn... with this man and this ministry... you hear the same thing. Add to that... what we have seen in their actions... then to that... the fruit of how they are reaching out to the world with faith and hope and salvation. How they live simply and give greatly... how they love deeply and do something about their convictions besides just talk.

Well Maybe They're Not Perfect...
Same Goes For You & Me...

But... they are alive and moving for God! They are shaking things up and they are making a difference! They are not trying to belittle and demean other Christians, but they are lifting the body of Christ! Which to you... my dear critics... is something I would say... we could all use a little more of!

Remember Me

He's Got His Eyes On God &

The Future...
And We're Gonna Go With That

Kim Cement, seeing the future

Kim Clement
A Life Well Lived &...
A Race Well Run For The Lord

In November Of 2016...Shortly After The Election Of Donald Trump, We Were Given The Sad News That Our Dear Friend Kim Clement Has Graduated & Gone To His Eternal Rest.

Kim Clement Graduation

We do not weep though, but rather rejoice for this wonderful man of God and the great race that he ran. Not long before he suffered his illness which took him out of public ministry, he prophesied that Donald Trump would be elected President. He lived long enough to see that prophecy and many other glimpses into the future fulfilled. 

He is now home with Jesus and watches over us all as time and destiny are fulfilled in this wonderful, beautiful world.

We So Miss You Brother... 

But... We Know You Are Finally Free... 

Your Are Safe & Sound... You Are Home

Kim Clement, death

Hebrews 12:1-3

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.

Kim Clement Page Originally Published In 2011 & Updated In 2016 After His Passing

That's It For This One Friends…

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Kim Clement Page Originally Posted In 2011

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