What Really Matters

What Really Matters Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

what really matters

Some Say It's...
"Who You Know"

And That Is Somewhat True. It Can Make A Difference

who you know, quote, a world of possibilities

Yep... When You're Buddy Buddy With The Big Shots You Can Expect Some Pretty Good Breaks. Inside Info, A Bit Of Help When You Need It

It's Who You Know

Others Say It's

 "What You Know"

If I Make The Right Choices... If I Study Hard...

If I Give It All I've Got... Then I'm Gonna Make It!  

That Can Be True Also!

steve jobs, quote

Yep... Applying Your Gifts Is A Wonderful Thing

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Others Say...

The Heck With It All

I'm Gonna Take What I Want

And Nobody

Can Stop Me

che guevara, revolution, quote

They Live By The Sword

And They Die By The Sword

the godfather, an offer you can't refuse, quote, marlin brando

That is the way it is, BUT... 

And This IS THE BIG...


Most Folks

Really Miss The Main Point

The Sad Thing Is, That The Majority Of People Don't Value What Really Is Important... What Really Counts! They Only See Part Of The Picture & They Miss The Heart Of The Matter! Is Life Just Success, Wealth & Fame? Trust Me... Those Are All Fleeting... Here Today & Gone Tomorrow!

discouraged businessmen, quote, I've gotr nothing, I've got it all

Folks get deluded into believing they are following some Real Big Shot... Or Fighting For Some Goal Thinking That That Is The Thing That Is Going To Satisfy Their Hearts & Minds & Souls... But... Standing Alone... Those Things Never Do!

The loneliest place in the world is the heart without love

Many reach the end of their lives and they just want to be surrounded by their loved ones... because... you see... in that moment of clarity before you die... even the hardest soul realizes that it's love that really matters!

What Really Matters
Is Love

death bed, love

For many... something was missing all those years... something they so desperately needed and longed for. They thought achieving their worldly goals would satisfy... but they all were short term joys at best. Not To Downplay Achievement, BUT...

It's Not What Really Matters Most!

What Everybody Needs Is Love, the greatest need of every human heart Is Love

What Folks Have... Every Human Soul... Built Into Their Hearts From Day 1... Is A Need To Love & Be Loved... A Need To Care For & Be Cared For... & A Need To Fulfill A Greater Purpose With Their Lives Than Just Survival. We will get that partially fulfilled by those around us and our jobs or projects, but it doesn't fill the huge hole that's there, which can only be filled by the Love of God & Unity & Oneness With Him!

That Unity With God Can't Be
Snookered, Worked For, Or Stolen!

But... It Can Be Had!

It's A Gift & All You Have

To Do Is Receive It!

God In The Weak Form Of A Man,

Walked This Earth

And Lived Like We Lived...

Jesus with children

Ate Like We Ate...

jesus eating, visiting, talking, guest

Cried Like We Cried

jesus wept, crying weeping, John 11:35

Laughed Like We Laughed

jesus laughing, playing with children, happy jesus

He Suffered
And Experienced
Everything We Do...

jesus on a mountain, shepherd, just like us

and he loved us... each and every one. HE saw our sins and mistakes and failures... he saw it all and he knew the price we would have to pay was death for our sin. He loved us so much that he took that punishment for us all, so that we could live and never die. It is such a huge love and it is the only thing big enough to really fill the hole in our hearts.

jesus knows, loves, cares, understands

If You Want What Really Counts In Life...

Take The Lord Into Your Heart!

He Really Is Your One True Friend

jesus died for you and me, quote, the love of god

That's My King

By Dr. S. M. Lockridge

He Is The Way...
The Truth...
And The Life!

And He Is...

What Really Matters

That Love...His Love Is
Worth Giving Up
Everything For

the love of god, a pearl of great price

Come Ye...
Those That Will

True Everlasting Love...
A Love That Never Fails...

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