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Funny Christian Videos Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Howdy Folks...

Funny Church sign does life stink

Did You...

Ever Have An Itch To Know...

Funny Church sign Misquitoes


When You Get Right Down To It...

Funny Church sign walmart is no the only saving place

Ya Gotta Know...

He That Believes in Nothing...

Will Fall For Almost Anything

Funny Church sign free thinker

Funny Shorts From

A Christian President

And When That Cell Phone

Just Won't Hack It...

Funny Church sign prayer is the best wireless connection

And You Think Those Ol' Fish Are Dumb...

Funny Church sign sin sees the bait

Don't Wait Folks... Step Right Up...

Don't  Miss Your Chance...

Funny Church sign many who seek god at the 11th hour

Don't Sham When It's Time To Cram...

prepare for your finals, Funny Church sign

 Do You Ever Feel Pressured by Work or Life or Health or Even Things Completely Out Of Your Control? The Economy, The Weather, The Mean Little Dog Down the Street?Well Sometimes you just need to Take a Deep Breath and Realize that God is in Control and Having Done All You Can then Heave that Big Sigh of relief and Know that God is Going to Take Care of the Rest! Many People Get Sick from all the Worry, They Lose Sleep, Them Become Irritable, They Lose their God Given Peace & Happiness... and Get so Far Out There... They Forget From Whence They Came! Don't Walk that road... Be Smart Enough to Trust God... And Smile Through This WONDERFUL Roller COASTER RIDE of LIFE!

God's Best Medicine...Have A Great Laugh

The Sealing Argument on Evolution vs Creation...

mothers three arms, Funny Church sign

Yo... My Brother...

You Have No Idea...

dont make me come down there, Funny Church sign

Hot Time In The Ol' Church Tonight

Funny Church sign,  holy water

When Seemingly Smart is Really Dumb

Funny Church sign, open minded

Ahhh Yes... The Price is Right

Funny Church sign, everlasting life, membership has its privileges

And Lastly A Little Friendly Announcement 

Funny Church sign, church parking only violators will be baptized

That's It For This One Friends…

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