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Come On Folks, Where's The Joy?

Funny Christian Pics Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Funny Christian Picture, Funny Kids

Nobody In This World Has

More To Be Thankful For...

Than Us

Funny Christian Pic, The Lord Is Good

Here's A Few Funny Christian Pics To Make The Point

He Provides

Our Every Need

Funny Noah Picture

He Is Patient

Our Weaknesses

Funny christian Picture

He Supplies

Like No Other

Funny Dog Picture

He Teaches Us To Be
Faithful, Frugal
& Saving

Funny Christian Quote

Even When Things
Don't Work Out
Quite As We Had Planned

Funny Hip Replacement, funny christian Picture

And When Others
Don't Treasure Us...

He Knows
Our Heart...


Our Potential

funny christian picture

And Though We Might Look
Silly & Foolish...

He Knows
Can Become

funn i-phone picture

He Knows The
Honor & Nobility

That Lays Dormant Within Us

funny cowboy picture

No Matter
How Rough... Or...
Or Grammatically Incorrect
We Might Be

funny camping picture, grammar, funny christian picture

He Sees What
Cannot See

funny christian picture, appearance, perception

And He Knows... 

We Will Grow
& Change

funny christian picture, butterfly, change

The Bottom Line

You Are His
Most Treasured

funny christian picture


Come On Folks...

Be Happy
Be Thankful
Be Joyful

God has so blessed us and cared for us. Sometimes we just don't see it or we forget. I guess that's why David wrote... "Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit." ... Ps 51:12

     Close your eyes and think back... back to when you first met the Lord. You didn't understand beans, but you knew His Love... His Saving Hand... His Care For You! As though there wasn't another person in the world... He Loved You! He Died For You! He Saved You!

     Now think... through the years... of all the wonderful things He has done for you. How He has never left you ... even when you stayed away... HE came and found you. 

the good shepherd

     He picked you up and carried you. When you felt like all was lost and you would be washed away... HE WAS THERE! He Never Failed!

a very present help in times of trouble

People fail, situations change, life goes on... Only The Lord Changes Not! Only He Is Ever Faithful. When all is said and done and you breath your last... He will be there to lift you up and take you home. He Will Never Leave Nor Forsake You!

going home to Heaven, Meeting Jesus

Ya See...

We Really
Do Have...

A Lot To Smile About


Thankfulness Quote, funny christian picture

Share With Others...
The Gift You Have So Freely Received
Live A Life...
That Touches This World With
God's Love, Joy & Happiness

Funny Church Sign, funny christian picture


Keep Shining
No Matter What

A Neat Song "Glow In The Dark" From Jason Gray

A Great
& Wonderful Life To You...

Full Of Joy...



& Fun!!!

funny christian picture, funny death grave

See You
On The Other Side Folks!

Love You!

That's It For This One Friends…

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