E-Water Inspirations Brings You
The Simplicity & The Majesty of
"The Carpenter"

The E-Water Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

E-Water Inspirations' Beautiful Presentation Of Jesus' Life & Ministry

For He Was Born in a Stable...

& Lived a Normal Life...

Walked Most of the Places He Needed To Go To!

Hewed Wood for a Living

Till He Reached Out to Touch the World! 

jesus the carpenter, jesus as a boy, young man

And Despite Just Being A Simple Man...

From A Very Humble Past

Jesus Changed Everything...

 And Now...

He Rules Forever!

His Followers Too... Were Just Simple Fishermen And Normal Guys! Regular People Like You & Me... But Empowered With His Love & Truth... They Were His Instruments To Carry God's Love To The World.

Jesus Disciples, Jesus fishermen, Jesus Peter

His Rule Is Not Like That Of A

Proud Worldly King or Leader,

But Instead A Rule Of

Righteousness and Mercy...

And True Majesty!

The Almighty Son of God!

King Jesus, King of Kings, Jesus

Sadly... it's hard to put your faith in a lot of todays rulers as they are just men and fallible and are forced to deceive and lie and play the political realm to maintain their power and position! Much Easier to Trust and Follow the King of Kings... who Will Never Lie and Always Be True!

And They Ask… Who Is This Jesus?

From Whence Came This Very Special Man?

Jesus Poem, Jesus Majesty, Jesus Humble,quote


About The Producer
Of These Videos

In 2002… (after seeing an "Interview With God" web flash) Michael Graber, a Chemist by trade (Missionary by Heart) who lives in Switzerland… started E-Water.Net. His Completely Free (No Gimmicks) on-line witness in the form of inspirationally fabulous flashes were an instant success. He was the first to really hit the mark and break the 4 minute mile of digital witnessing. He showed that the average person... using available media could produce a meaningful & moving presentation, and reach the world. Hundreds and thousands of sincere Christians around the globe were moved to tears by his beautiful presentations. Like an artist or a great musician he weaved a short 2 or 3 minute presentation into a life altering event.

Michael Graber Founder of A Web Site
That Would Touch The World

Many sat back and watched and were inspired that if Michael could do that... then so could they. From his seed of faith to get things rolling, hundreds and thousands of Witnessing Christian web sites have popped up. Some equally beautiful, others not so much, but all trying to use the web to get out the word. It was a revolution in witnessing to the world via the internet. Millions and Millions have been reached because of his faith to step out and pioneer this ministry.

We would encourage you to stop by his site and get inspired. Michael is a great example of what one person can do if he gets on fire for God. Maybe we're not all web whizzes or computer savvy, but there is always a way to witness. The most important thing is just that desire to touch a life with the same truth, love and hope that has touched ours.

Love Always Finds A Way

love always finds a way, love quote

E-Water .Net
Inspiring A Generation

To Reach The World For God

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