Prayer That Moves You

The PRAYER Page was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity

The Lord Must Look Down On a World... Where Many Folks Make Halfhearted, Lifeless Request...And Think... 
"Wow"..."They Have Gotta Be Joking"

sad Jesus, face palm, disappointed

How Can You Pray Like That?...
How Can You Live Like That?

sleeping in church, half hearted, dead christians, sleepy christians

The Namby Pamby...
Luke Warm Stuff

Makes God Sick

If You Want To Be Heard
Call Out From Your Heart... 

Here George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) pours out his soul after a series of unfair events bring him down to the depths. It becomes the crux and turning point for the movie…

“It’s A Wonderful Life”

In The End, God Wonderfully Answers George’s Desperate Heart Cry… as the movie teaches a beautiful lesson on faith, family and what really counts in life. 

If You've Never Seen It... You Should!

Be Alive...
Be Inspired...
Be Wholehearted

When You Communicate With God.
Your Prayers Should Move You 
Those Around You...

Make 'em Mad, Sad or Glad
Show God & Folks You're Alive

Patton's Prayer

A Wholehearted Request Can Completely Change Your Life... And Change The Course of History

Like Patton... faced with the desperate situation of having to rescue 27,000 troops from the siege of Bas-ton during The Battle of The Bulge in WW2. He desperately asked God for the weather to clear so he could break through to save his allies. At Patton's request Chief Chaplain Col. James H. O'Neill wrote the petition and Patton Had 250,000 copies printed and distributed to the troops and told them all to pray.

Against all natural reports and reasoning the weather broke and cleared and the men were set free and the war was shortened by years with many, many lives saved on both sides.

Pattons' Prayer

A Re-enactment From The Movie Patton


George Patton Quote, Reading Bible Every Day

Click Here For...
The True Story Of Patton's Plea

What Many Folks Don't Get Is...
How Precious This Communication Is To The Lord

He Loves Us So Much and Treasures The Personal Time That We Spend With Him! So Should We... Don't ya Think? How Would Any Father Feel If His Child came running in and half-heartedly said, "dad I need a new bike and I want to do this and that and the other and da di da di da da da... thank you and good-bye"! Wow! It'd be offensive to us... and so it is to God. Lord Help Us To Make That Time... The Magic That It Is Supposed To Be!

May We Ever Be Wholehearted & Treasure Our Gift & Privilege

Wholehearted Prayer

Very Little Else...
In This Life...
Is So Precious

In Closing...

We wanted to beg you to please make your requests, Wholehearted, Moving & Meaningful. Know you are coming into the presence of the King of Kings and don't talk like you would to a dog or a dead rat. Rise Up… & Be Bold & Let Your Request Be Made Known Unto God. He Owns It All & Is In Control Of It All… & He Is Just Waiting For Us To Ask For His Help!

prayer quote, jesus pointing, say what you mean

More Things
Are Wrought
By Prayer...

Than This World
Ever Dreams Of
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

That's It For This One Friends…

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