Dont Give Up

Dont Give Up was Written By Peter O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity

Things Lookin' Tough?
Don't See How You're Going to Make It!

Never Give Up, Mountain Climber

You've Just Gotta...

Hang On, Never Give Up, Keep Fighting

Never Surrender

It's Amazing What Wonderful Things Can happen
In That Little Margin of Time When You
Refuse to Quit!
When You Refuse to Give Up
On Your Dreams & Hopes & Ideals!


Nick Vujicic, Overcome, Never Give Up, Persistence, Determination

Our Good Friend Nick Vujicic

You've Got To Keep Tryin' &
Don't Give Up

Nick Vujicic, Overcome, Never Give Up, Persistence, Determination

Are You Stuck Between
A Rock And a Hard Place
Consider Aron Ralston

Many A Man's Greatness In Life
Can Be Directly Attributed To Some Incredibly Tough Obstacle That He Faced & Overcame

Aron Ralston, surviver, overcomer

Aron was a Well known mountaineer who had made a name for himself by being the 1st man to Climb Colorado's top 40 Peaks in the middle of Winter. On a casual climb in Utah's Blue John Canyon, he suffered a freak accident where a bolder fell and pinned his right arm to a crevasse wall. After 5 days of desparately trying to get free of the 800 pound bolder and facing death alone ... lost at the bottom of that pit... he did the only thing possible... he amputed his own arm to free himself... Climbed out of the canyon... and then made it back the 20 miles to civilization.

He Refused to Give Up...
He Fought to Live!

Some Men When Faced With Difficulties Will Just Curse God and Die!

You Never Hear From Them Again!

Others Fight...

The Way Out

How About You???

What Will Be Your Story???

Will You Sink or Swim?

Let Us Say

With The Famous Old Sea Captain

John Paul Jones, not yet begun to fight

John Paul Jones who Was horribly wounded, with half his men dead or dying... His Ship Sinking... When the Enemy Yelled and said... "Are You Ready To Surrender?" His Response has rung out through the ages..."Hell No"... "We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight!" They Did and subsequently went on to Win the Battle, setting an sample for countless generations to come, to "Never Give Up"!

You Can Win...

John Paul Jones, victory out of seeming defeat

Here's Another Moving Presentation
by Josh Groban

You Think You've Got It Tough

one leg, never give up, overcome

The Victory Doesn't always go to the Strongest or the Toughest...

Persistence, Quote

Lastly Please Remember
The Friend We All Have
The One Who Suffered &
Refused To Surrender
Refused To Quit

Jesus On Cross

He Will Always Be There For You
Through Thick & Thin
When All Others Desert You
When All Else Fails

Dont Give Up

PS. Not Many Mighty… Not Many Wise… Not Many Who Have It All In The Natural, Achieve Great Things For God. More often than not… it is the fella who just won't Quit… Just Won't Say Die… Just Keeps Coming back and Back and BACK… Who Ultimately Wins! The one who Believes That It Is His Destiny To Achieve Some Great Goal. God Help Us… In His Service… To Be That One, Sincere, Tough Nut… That Just Won't Crack Under Pressure. To Be That One Honest Soul That Goes The Distance and Keeps Getting Back Up, No Matter How Many Times We Are Knocked Down! To Hear & Obey That Still Small Voice That Whispers… When All Hope Seems Lost…………..

" Dont Give Up … You Can Do This…

Keep Believing...

And Keep Going For God "

That's It For This One Friends…

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