Through The Valley Of Tough Times...
He Will Always Be With You

Through The Valley Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

The Question Is Not Have You Been Through It Because We All Go Through It

Tough Times Don't Last  But Tough People Do

The Question Is...

Will You Keep Fighting... Will You Keep Trusting...

Will You Refuse To Give Up

Overcoming Problems, Quote

Success is to be Measured Not By The Position One Has Reached In Life 
But By The Obstacles Which
One Has Overcome! 
B.T. Washington

Psalms 23, Fear No Evil

Every Good and Honest Person That Has Ever Walked God's Good Earth Has Had Difficulties They
Needed to Overcome

Overcoming Those Difficulties Is Often
What Has Made Them Great.

The List is Almost Endless...
Of  Those Whose Troubles Propelled

Them On To Their Ultimate Destiny

david and goliath

David Fought Many Battles & Troubles
His Life Was a Constant Struggle
That's Why He Wrote Psalms 23

King David, Quote, Psalms, overcome

Even The World Recognizes Life

Is A Fight & A Battle


What Will Be Your Story...
What Will They Write of You?

May They Say...

That You Faced Your Greatest Difficulty
Your Greatest Fear
Your Greatest Challenge
And In The Face of Impossibility
You Refused To Give Up...
Refused To Surrender

Victory, Perseverance, overcoming quote, keep fighting

The Blessing and the Victory
Are Out There For You!
God Knows You Just Have To Take It!

Take That Bull By The Horns And
Refuse Anything But God's Best!

Trust Him To Get You
Through The Valley
And On To A Better Future

Miracles Happen, Never Give Up

Jesus Didn't Surrender
Neither Should We!

Overcoming Quote, victory from defeat

And Lastly Consider 
Jason McElwain

Jason McElwain, J-mac, president Bush

A young Autistic kid who was 5 foot 6 and had never played in a game. The Kindest and Most Dedicated kid on the team. In His Last Game The Coach Gave Him a Chance To Play... Hoping He Might Score "One" Basket And With Everyone's Prayers Behind Him Look What Happened.

Fighting Through The Valley Of Disability

    Jason McElwain, nicknamed "J-Mac" (born October 1, 1987), is a High-functioning Autistic American who made national news in 2006 when he played for 3 minutes and 56 seconds during a high school basketball game and scored twenty points. McElwain had a passion for basketball, so Greece Athena High School basketball coach Jim Johnson appointed him manager of the team. 
     On February 15, 2006, Greece Athena was playing Spencerport High School for the division title. Head Coach Johnson (a sincere Christian) thought God wanted to give the kid a chance and decided to let McElwain play in the last stretch. After initially missing a shot, McElwain made six three-point shots and one two-pointer... becoming the games High Scorer.
     After the final buzzer rang, the crowd went wild... dashed onto the court... and raised the young man on their shoulders in celebration. Thousands of articles have been written and programs made in recognition of this determined and sincere young man. Also a Movie is presently in production with Columbia Pictures to honor his courage and perseverance despite the obstacles he has had to overcome.

Jason McElwain, J-mac, basketball miracle

Fight Through...

Your Valley...

Your Trial...

Your Difficulty...

To Your...

God-given Victory


Mark 9:23

Yep... If You're Going Through It...

Don't Stop There... Keep Going! 
Sir Winston Churchill 

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