Gods Fingerprint

Proof That There Is A Creator

Gods Fingerprint was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Commonly Referred To As The Fibonacci Sequence

Or The Fingerprint of God

If You Need A Proof...
This Is It!

     Sometimes we look out at the World around us and it is obvious, to the honest searching heart, that there is a God. Here though, we want to break it down to something More Touchable... More Tangible... something equally beautiful and awing when seen in the overall picture of Creation. 

Or For A Better Word... Creation...
By The Numbers.
Here Are A Few More Examples

Leonardo Pisano
Better Known By His Nickname...

Fibonacci, Fibonacci sequence, God's Fingerprint

Came About This Discovery When Faced With Trying To Find The Solution To a Basic Math Problem Of Rabbits & Reproduction.

A certain man put a pair of rabbits in a place surrounded on all sides by a wall. How many pairs of rabbits can be produced from that pair in a year if it is supposed that every month each pair begets a new pair, which from the second month on becomes productive?

Rabbits, Fibonacci Sequence, math equation

It was this problem that led Fibonacci to the introduction of the Fibonacci Numbers and the Fibonacci Sequence which is what he remains famous for to this day. The sequence is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55... This sequence, shows that each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. It is a sequence that is seen and used in many different areas of mathematics and science.

The Fibonacci Sequence defines the curvature of naturally occurring spirals, such as snail shells and even the pattern of seeds in flowering plants and a million other samples... ranging from Microscopic to the Layout of Galexies. It is Everywhere! It Touches Every facet of Existence!

In Shells...

Fibonacci example, sea shell

In Flowers, Plants & Seeds...

Fibonacci example, sunflower

In Hurricanes...

Fibonacci Sequence, Hurricane

In Our Bones...

Fibonacci Sequence, bones

Our Ears...

Fibonacci Sequence, ear

Gods Fingerprint...
On Everything Big & Small

God's Fingerprint

Even Galaxies Are Laid Out...

Fibonacci Sequence, Galaxy

By The Numbers

Fibonacci example

The Touch of God's Handiwork

Like the Love & Eternal Spirit of God

Is Everywhere

We Close Here to Say That The Evidence is...


By The Numbers...

By All Our Natural Senses...

By All That Has Gone Before...

And All That Will Follow...

We Know There is a God...

Only "HE" Could Make Everything

From Nothing

Keeps Our Problems In Perspective

And Helps Us To Focus on What's Truly Important

We Should Never Loose Sight of the Fact

That The Lord Made It All And...



In Control

That's It For This One Friends…

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