Dare To Believe The Promises Of God

The Promises Of God Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Promises Of God

He's Not Dead...

Around The World...
To Those Who Will Listen...
He Speaks...He Leads...He Guides

God Is Not Dead, Word Of God

To The Unloved...
The Broken Hearted

He Says....

Jeremiah 31:3

To Those Without...

Those In Need
He Says...

Philippians 4:19, god will provide

To Those That Are Sick...

& Those That Are Suffering
He Promises...

By His stripes you are healed

He Really Gets You &

He Understands

Isaiah 53:4-5

 His Call Is Simple & True 

Come Follow Me, Matthew 4:19

 Follow My Words... 
 Claim My Promises ...
 For I Have A Great Plan
For Your Life... 
 & I Want To Give You

Isaiah 30:21, walk with God

 Love Others... 

 As I Have Loved You 

helping others

 Help Others... 

 As I Have Helped You 

Give Life, Love, & Hope
To Those Who Are Drowning In The Sorrow
Of This World

Betrayal, despair, sadness, loneliness, heartbreak

 Do Your Work For Others... 

 As You Would Unto Me 

Make It A
 Witness To The World

building a business for god

 Stand Up For The Truth 

 Fight For Those...
Who Cannot

pro life demonstration

 Help That Needy Mission Field 

 That Needs To Be Reached 

North Korea Missions

 Share Your Story 

Be A Witness

To Those That Are Searching

witnessing, sharing your faith, christian

 And Never Ever... 

 Never Give Up 

Don't Quit, Never Give Up

He Tells You
What To Do... 
Then And He Equips You With
The Power & The Promises
From His Word To Do It

The Minute You Believe & Act On The Word Of God ... It Becomes A Door Opener. When You Obey &... Help Someone... Start Some Endeavor... Stand Up For Some Cause... Or... Refuse To Give Up... then every Promise of God comes into play. Provision, Healing, Encouragement, Protection... & Victory...... Are All Yours. 

You've Just Got Take 'em
& Believe 'em...
& Claim 'em!

And Lastly...
A Memorial... Blast...
From The Past

How David Livingstone Claimed The Promises Of God & Survived Certain Death

In 1856, David Livingstone was passing through a violent area of Africa where the chief had sworn to kill him. The enemy was seen preparing to attack the camp that night and faced with almost certain death he went to his tent & poured out his heart to God.

promises of God quote

Then he wrote in his diary...

"January 14, 1856. Evening. Felt much turmoil of spirit in prospect of having all my plans for welfare of this great region knocked on the head by the attack of evil men. But Jesus said, 'All power is given unto Me in Heaven & in Earth. Go ye therefore & teach all nations ... & lo I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.'

David Livingstone

"This is the word of a Gentleman of the most strict & sacred honour, so that's the end of fear. I will not flee furtively tonight as I intended. Nay, verily, I shall take observations for latitude & longitude tonight, though they may be the last, I feel quiet & calm now, thank God!"

 The Attack Never Happened &... 

David Livingstone Death

David Livingstone

Faithful Explorer & Missionary To
Africa For Over 30 Years

David Livingstone

And The Point Being That...

He was obeying God and doing what he was called to do. So he could claim the promises of God that he needed.

From The Foundations Of Time

Nothing Has Changed

Promises of God

No Matter Where We Go...
Or What We Might Do...
God's Promises Are There For Us

Psalms 119:89

Unending Promises Of...
Healing, Supply, Encouragement,
Guidance & Blessing...

All Just Waiting For Us To Claim!
Ask & You Will Receive

From time immemorial men have faced... with faith... situations that by all natural reasoning were impossible! They faced those difficulties and won amazing victories by claiming and standing on the very sure promises made to them by the creator of all things. 

1 John 5:14

If You've Got God With You...

You're Unstoppable
You've Just Got To Step Out &...

Dare To Believe

He Will Answer Every Prayer
He Never Falters

He Is True

God's Promises

He Never Fails

Promises Of God

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