The Key Is To… Keep It Simple

The Keep It Simple Page was Penned & Compiled by Peter O'Neill

Albert Einstein Quote, Keep It Simple

Albert Einstein once famously said... 

"If You Can't Explain It Simply...
You Don't Understand It Well Enough"

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The Truth Is Not That Hard To Find....

Folks Don't Need To Get LOST Looking For It! 

The truth is, the Lord's Love Is Very Simple! He Never Made It That Tough To Understand… He Never Put It So Far Out There That Only A College Professor Could Get It.

God is Love

He Made It So Everyone Could Grasp It... If They Wanted To. His Love is like a million things in our daily lives that we can't fully fathom, but That We Constantly Use.

electricity Quote, understanding, simple

You Don't Have To Show Folks
How Smart You Are... Just...
Show 'Em How Wonderful God Is

Mankind is only beginning to comprehend a small infinitesimal part of God's Creation in all it's amazing intricate detail. Never-the-less when Jesus came down here, He kept it simple so we could understand what we needed to. He became like us, and ate our food, wore our clothes, suffered our pain and spoke in our language. He became just like us so We Could Relate & Understand Him. Finally He Went All The Way To The Cross & Took Our Punishment & Payed For Our Sins & Failures! That's What He Did For Us... Should't We Do The Same For Others!

God's Love Quote, God Works

Even The World Has Better Sense Than Most Christians... If they want to sell a product or push an idea, they bottle it up in a package folks can understand and relate to.

For Example...


"This Product Is Going To Change Your Life"

Get Our New Supercalafragalistic Computer… Cooler… Cheaper...  Faster!

New Style Computer


Take That Dream Vacation To HAWAII

Wind, Surf, Sand... And YOU!

hawaii, dreams come true


Get Your Future In Shape...

America's #1 Fitness Program For Kids

tony horton fitness for kids

Easy To Get
Easy To Do
Come On Folks...
Fitness… It's Not Rocket Science

Keep It Simple With Tony

So Wake Up You Christians...
Stick To The Basics &
God To Fill In The Blanks

If you ask a kid to put the patatoes on the table… you don't have to get into all the pivotol points of the task. Grab the bowl with both hands… making sure to close your thumbs around the top of the bowl to ensure stability. Check to make sure the bowl is not hot where you grab it. Lift the bowl 6 inches off the table and carefully check to make sure that the area you are going to move the bowl over has no interfering objects. Scan with your eyes the distance between you and the dinning table for objects that might get in your way. Lift your right foot carefully and place it making sure that you are not stepping on some dangerous object. Proceed to lift your left foot as you pivot 33 degrees to the left now holding the bowl slightly closer to you for stability. Etc etc etc…

You just say to the kid, "put the potatoes on the table" and know and trust that God has given him the ability to fill in the blanks… the ability to understand all that he needs to do to get the job done.

Any kid who has ever played baseball, football, soccer, ping pong, basketball, tennis or golf gets the principle. He sees the game and using his God given talents he fills in the blanks to the best of his ability!

Get The Ball From Point "A"

To Point "B"

A Kid Just Grips It & Rips It

The Bottom Line Is... Keep It Simple

Folks Don't Need To Know How Many Angels Can Sit On The Pin Head Of A Needle

What we need to do when sharing our faith with others… is just be loving and live an example. When the time is right... tell 'em your story or tell 'em whatever God lays on your heart.

But Don't Go Blasting 'em To Hell Or Giving Them Some Preachment on a Weighty Doctrine that they're not ready for.

Mad Preacher, Dirty Rotten Sinner, Mean Pastor

Stay On Message… 

Tell 'em About Jesus' Love & Sacrifice… 

Stick To The Very Basics

Then Hopefully They'll Get It!

And Remember That Winning Souls Is Not Your Responsibility…

That's The Holy Spirits Job… Our Job Is To Love Them & Faithfully Share The Gospel & The Truth. God Help Us To Be His Servants To Reach Those In Need… The Hungry Hearts & Souls That Are Searching & Looking For The Light That Will Set Them Free.

Someone Once Did It For Us...

God Help Us To Keep It Simple & Do The Same For Others!

That's It For This One Friends…

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