Christmas 000 A.D.
The Magic, The Mystery & The Majesty Of The Birth Of Christ

The Christmas Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

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2022 Years Ago... A Young Jewish Girl
Named Mary Was Visited By An Angel

Mary & The Angel

It Must Have Been Quite A Shock 
At First...

mary visited by the angel, gabriel

But After She Got Over The Shock...

He Told Her... That She Would

Miraculously Become Pregnant...

Even Though She Was Still A Virgin...

And That She Would Bear A Son...

To Be Called...



Mary & The Angel Gabriel,

The Angel Told Her That...
The Greatness of This Child
Would Be Unparalleled...
And He Would Save His People...
And He Would
Rule and Reign

Mary the mother of Jesus

Mary Believed & Accepted The Will Of God



Her Fiancé... Joseph...

Had A Much Harder Time

Mary And Joseph

Joseph Just Couldn't Imagine It... and was ready to drop her like a hot potato!


Before he could put her away... Joseph was Visited by an Angel in His Dreams and told...

Angel Visits Joseph In A Dream

"Be Not Afraid To Take Mary As Your Wife"

"This Child Is From God and Will One Day Save His People From Their Sins!"

Joseph Awoke From The Dream And Did As The Angel Had commanded.

2 Heavenly Births In Sync

When Mary was visited by The Angel Gabriel She Was Also Told That Her Cousin Elisabeth... who was very, verrrrry old... was also going to have a Baby!

What A Shocker That Was... But...

john the baptist, baby,

It Was Probably A Great Encouragement To Mary When She Found Out It Was So!

On The Other Hand... Elisabeth's Husband Zacharias was told by an Angel That His wife would bare a child and he didn't believe it. As a result of his unbelief he was struck dumb and speechless till the Child... Who would grow to be John the Baptist... Was Born and Named.

Little Johnny & Baby Jesus...
2nd Cousins, Started Out Life Together in the Same Year

mary and elizabeth, my soul doth magnify the lord, mary and elizabeth

One The Prophet of God...

john the baptist

The Other...

The Hope Of

All Generations

Jesus, Savior, King, The Son Of God

OK... We're Getting A Little Ahead Of Ourselves Here...

Back To The Main Story...

Pay Them Taxes

tax quote, caesar, bethlehem, nativity

At that Time There Was a Decree From Cesar Augustus For Everyone to...
Pay Their Taxes

And what this taxation meant for Joseph and his New Young and now very pregnant wife was a long... looooong... Journey! Joseph was a descendant of the House of David and had to go to the City of David (Bethlehem) to pay his taxes. Today Nazareth to Bethlehem would be a 2 hour drive of about 155 kilometers down the coast and through Jerusalem on National Highway Route 6 ...

But ...
On Christmas ...
2016 Years Ago...

mary and joseph on the road to bethlehem

For a man on foot... pulling his 9 month pregnant wife on a donkey... probably in the middle of winter... It was HUGE. ... But they went! Finally arriving... with Mary weary from the trip. Tired & Exhausted... Mary gave Joseph the News that she was about to have the baby. The town was bustling with others returning to pay their taxes and to their dismay there was no room in the inn! Well God Had A Plan & Sometimes... Our Ways... Are Not His Ways ...

Usually In Fact.

No Room In the Inn

mary and joseph traveling to bethlehem

Here was The King of Creation, The Lord of Lords, The Master of the Universe, The Lion of the House of Judah... The Savior of the World... Getting Ready to Come Down and Live With Us! Roll Out the Red Carpet... Break Out The Band... Tell All the Big Cheeses He's Coming... Nope... Sorry. He Would Come here and Live as We did, Suffer As We Did, Son Of A Simple Carpenter And Born... Yes You've Got It... Born in a stinky Barn!

no room in the inn, nativity, mary and joseph

He didn't come down here in all His glory... He came in Humility and added meaning to the old saying... SMALL BEGINNINGS... GREATER ENDS! Probably with his Mom suffering from the trip and the pain of labor they were kindly allowed to camp out in the Stable.

But I'll tell you this...

Nativity, Born In Humility, Mary and Joseph, quote, no room in the inn, stable

There Was Never A More Glorious Barn Than That One. I'm sure it had all the normal trappings of any barn with animals and a thousand smells...BUT IT SHOWN WITH THE GLORY OF GOD...and The Love and The Spirit of God... There That Night... Was The Most Magnificent Ever Seen! Physically Humble, but Spiritually... Gloriously Rich... as the Hope of All Creation, Came to Our Rescue in the Form of that Sweet Precious Baby Boy!

That 1st Christmas

The Stars Shined their Brightest, The Angels Sang Their Praise, The Shepherds Gathered. Kings and Wise Men Came From Afar To Pay Tribute and Worship This Small... Humble and Seemingly Insignificant Child. What Might Have Seemed Initially Like a Great Defeat... Turned Into The Greatest Victory the World Has Ever Known! And Praise and Hope has Rung Out through out the Heavens and On Earth Ever Since!

birth of jesus

On That Day In The City Of David A Savior Was Born Unto Us All... Which Was Christ The Lord! HE Is a Ransom For Our Sins... The Lamb of God! A Leader for All Eternity... The Lion of the House of Judah! The Hope of Every Generation And Every Human Heart and Soul That Receives Him!

And That My Friends is...
The Real Story of Christmas...

000 A.D!

For Unto You Was Born That Day
In The City Of David A Savior...

A Savior Who Is Christ The Lord

If Your'e Still With Us...

Here's A Last Thought On that 1st Christmas… So Many, Many Years Ago.

Someone Asked A Very Good Question...

Was Jesus Really Born on Dec. 25th?

The truthful answer being... maybe not, but who cares. The Most important thing is not whether we have the day exactly right, but that He Was Born... and it is the Day that Mankind chooses to Celebrate God's Most Precious Gift to the World! So Through All the Hoopla and All the Jingle Bells, lets Use it as a Chance to Share... as our member John from Hondo, Texas so aptly said, "The Real Meaning of Christmas!"

It is essentially a discouraging and depressing time of year... when Winter is beginning For A Majority of the Earth's Population. Things are Cold and Dark and Depressing... so it's a Great time to Celebrate That Jesus Was Born! It Brings Hope to Countless Millions who will never make it through the cold and it is a time... because of the shortness of the Day and Lack of Workable Weather that we have time to Stop and Treasure God's Most Precious Gift.

So maybe it's not the exact day, but I'll Be singing the Old Carols and Have a Warm Praise in My Heart for The Birth of the King! The Day When All Creation was Given a Second Chance and the Day When We Were All Given A Key to Unlock the Gates of Heaven!

And That Really Is About It… From Our Little Missionary Station Here In Japan.

Together With You...
Remembering & Thanking God That 
The Hope Of All Generations

Christ Our King
Was Born

And From All Of Us Here at
21st Century Christianity
A Very Blessed Christmas to You and Yours!

May The Peace of This Precious Babe...
Our Glorious King & Savior...
Be With You... 

All Your Life!

baby jesus, Mary, Joseph, Simeon

000 A.D.

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