Hope of Spring

Hope of Spring was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity

Up here in the mountains of Central Japan the Winters can be Bitter and Cold, but they do teach a Beautiful Lesson of Life and Change and Heaven Sent Comebacks. In these last difficult closing months of Winter, we have treasured the Promise Of Spring. We pray we can share that hope with you here.

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For If We Were Never Sick
We’d Not Appreciate Our Health

health quote, sickness quote

If We Were Never Poor 
We'd Not Appreciate Our Wealth

manny pacquaio, overcoming poverty, quote

If We Were Never Blue
We'd Not Appreciate Good Fun

If We Knew Not Evil
Heaven's Race We'd Never Run

Hebrews 12, 1, 2, run the race, patience

It Takes The Cold
To Appreciate The Sun
Yes It Takes Life's Trials
To Treasure God's Holy One

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The Promise & Hope of Spring

(By Peter O'Neill)

When Life Pushes You Down
And You Take A Hit
It’s Good To Remember
That That’s Not... The End Of It

For We All Have a Season
Of Winter’s Night
When The Cold Trials of Life
They Take a Bite

Just  Remember…
In That Darkest Pit
That There’s A Victory Coming
If You’ll Just... Wait a Bit

Every Life 
Has a Time of Cold
But It’s Only a Small Part
Of God’s Heavenly Mold

As With Every Night
There is a Day
So After Winter’s Cull
Spring Will Find its Way

With Flowers & Life…
Love & Hope…
Joy & Victory
In An Exploding Scope

More Than You Could Ever
Think or Dream
But You Must Remember
No Matter How Tough It Seems

That God Has A Victory
And He’s Gonna See You Through
To The Joy Of Spring
And A Better You

The Snows Will Melt &

The Sun Will Shine Again
There Is...

hope for tomorrow

Hang On To The Lord
Because Great Things Are Coming

Future Quote, Bright Future, Hope

Never Doubt
That You're In His Grip
And He Will See You Through

In His Grip, Jesus hands

His Promise & His Word Never Falters

Cor 2, Isaiah 64, Quote

Keep Your Chin Up Because
He Never Fails...

chin up quote, cute baby

Spring & Heaven's Victory Are Just… 
A Hop… Skip…
& Jump Away

If You'll Hang On To The Lord...
And That Hope Of Spring
In Your Life… Your Dreams… Your Health
To That Very Precious Promise...
You'll Never Regret It

Yep… By Faith... Spring Is…



For A Last Funny Thought Click Here To See Jimmy The Ground Hog Bite The Mayors Ear When He Tries To Fib & Say That It Was Going To Be An Early Spring.  Jimmy Got It Right...

T'was A Tough & Long Winter... Never-The-Less Spring Will Still Come Roaring Back! 



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That's It For This One Friends…

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