The Joshua Movie

The Joshua Movie Page was Written by Max O'Neill Aug 2011

A Movie That Begs The Question...
"What Would Jesus Do If He Was Here Today"?
One Of The Best Movie's You've Never Seen

One Of The Few Recently Made Movies
That Can Really Impact Your Life

Joshua Movie, 2002, F. Murray Abraham, Tony Goldwyn, Jesus Today

The Joshua Movie

This is a beautifully made movie that begs the question… “What would Jesus do if he was here with us in the flesh right now”? A completely fictional flick based on a very moving book, but it brings out great and real and true factual realities. This movie will move you… it will leave you in tears and it will touch your life.

Joshua Movie, 2002, F. Murray Abraham, Tony Goldwyn, Jesus Today

This movie paved the way for the recent bestselling book “The Shack” and inspired its authors to think outside the box… to find a way to portray Christianity in “Now & Today” terminology. Brings Christianity’s ranching up to Date in a Cinematic Ford V8! A Reality Check That Helps To Put Your Faith Into Now & Today Relevance!

The Shack,Joshua Movie, 2002, F. Murray Abraham, Tony Goldwyn, Jesus Today

The fact of the matter is... Jesus is here with us today in spirit and he works through each of us. This Movie inspires us to Be The Body of Christ. Be His sample to the World.

Joshua Movie, 2002, F. Murray Abraham, Tony Goldwyn, Jesus Today

It does more than preach and teach… it touches the heart and mind and soul. You walk away from watching this with a greater conviction to do all that you can. Really Worth a watch! If you haven’t seen it yet… you should.

Too many folks preach a great sermon... but... live a hard, cold life. That's Just Not The Jesus In The Bible I Read... & This Movie Makes That Point CLEARLY!

Joshua… The Movie…
Made In 2002
One Of The Best Movie's You've Never Seen

A 2012 PS… The Joshua Movie for some reason just never seemed to go over big in the theaters and almost no publicity came out about it. Many have never seen or heard of it… and that is sad. In todays world often folks ask and wonder about how they are supposed to relate to all the new this, that and the other. This is one of the few movie's that really touches on Today and brings Christianities Ranching Up To Date in a Ford V-8… Or maybe better said for today… How Would Jesus see us… if he drove a Prius(hybrid).

If You Are One Of Those Who Haven't Seen It Yet…
You Should

That's It For This One Friends…

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