Toil-worn Hands
A  Story of Sacrifice & True Friendship

Christian Stories "Toil-worn Hands" was Penned & Compiled by Peter O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity

Working Hands, toilworn hands

Toil-worn Hands

A Beautiful Lesson In Sacrifice

From childhood Albrecht Durer wanted to paint. Finally, he left home to study with a great artist. He met another student who also had this same dream and the two became great friends & roommates. Both being poor, they found it difficult to make a living and study at the same time. Albrecht's friend offered to work while Albrecht studied. Then when the paintings began to sell, he would have his chance. After much persuasion, Albrecht agreed and studied faithfully while his friend toiled long hours to make a living.

The day came when Albrecht sold a wood-carving and his friend went back to his paints, only to find that the hard work had stiffened and twisted his fingers and he could no longer paint with skill. When Albrecht learned what had happened to his friend, he was filled with great sorrow. One day returning home unexpectedly he heard the voice of his friend and saw the gnarled, toilworn hands folded in desperate prayer before him.

Praying Hands, Prayer Quote, Albrecht Durer Story

Twas Tragedy & Praise 
In A Moment Of 
Desperate Prayer

"I can show the world my appreciation by painting his hands as I see them now, folded in prayer." It was this thought that inspired Albrecht Durer when he realized that he could never give back to his friend the skill which had left his hands.

Albrecht Duerer

Durer's gratitude was captured in his inspired painting that has become world famous. And, we are blessed by both the beauty of the painting and the moving story of gratitude and brotherhood that inspired it.

Praying Hands, Albrecht Durer, masterpiece

Is Anybody Happier
Because You Passed Their Way?

Does Anyone Remember
That You Spoke To Them Today?

Helping Others, Caring, Giving, Loving

This Day is Almost Over,
And Its Toiling Time is Through;

Is There Anyone To Utter Now
A Friendly Word For You?

Gratitude, thankfulness, quote

Can You Say Tonight in Passing
With The Days That Slipped So Fast,

That You Helped a Single Person,
Of The Many That You Passed?

make a difference, helping others

Is A Single Heart Rejoicing
Over What You Did Or Said?

Does One Whose Hopes Were Fading
Now With Courage Look Ahead?

inspire others, inspiration quote, don't give up

Did You Waste The Day, Or Lose It?
Was It Well Or Poorly Spent?

Did You Leave A Trail Of Kindness
Or A Scar Of Discontent?

trail of kindness, what you leave behind

As You Close Your Eyes In Slumber,
Do You Think That God Will Say...

You Have Earned One More Tomorrow
By The Love You Showed Today

May We All Say That...

making a difference, make your life count, quote

And Lastly...
If God's Given You a Great Friend...
Treasure That Very Precious Gift

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