Living to Give

Living To Give Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

When I was a kid I pretty much figured folks lived and died, worked and fought for what they believed in, because they honestly believed that was what was right! Even if they were wrong they still stood up for their beliefs. As time went on I came to realize that folks often lived life and played the game of life, not for what was right, but for what was in it for them. What could they get out of some situation, or some person etc. Guess I was pretty naive, but one thing I did learn over the years was that the one person that didn’t change on that, the only one that really lived to give and never asked for anything in return was Jesus!

All He wanted was our Friendship, Love and Thanks. He Gave up Everything for us and Died for us so we could Live Forever. I do hope we can keep that as our base here at 21st Century Christianity! Living to Give … Not Gearing to Get! Thanks for your participation…

I do hope we can make a difference!

We Don't See Things in the Right Perspective

We Get Our Ups and Downs Mixed Up!


We Get our Priorities Out Of Whack!

God Help Us...
To Get Our Priorities Straight &
To See Life for How It Actually Is.
To See What Is &
What Is Not...

Many a Soul and Life
Depends On Us!

Living To Give

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

The World Needs The Lord

More Than Ever
God Help Us To Do What We Can

Agnesë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu

She Gave Up Everything To Help

The Poor & Needy In India

We Should Be Motivated to Reach the World For Jesus...
Not By Cash or Gain…
But By Love!

Matthew 10:8, Freely you have received; freely give.

Webmaster's Note: Living to Give, was the first page written for the website in Aug of 2009. We do hope this will be the 1st and last thought of all those working with 21st Century Christianity. 

Here to Give... Not To Get!

Living To Give

PS. As of July 2012 this page... which is one of our simplest pages, (just made as a heart cry for folks to wake up and reach out to those around them) has become one of our most popular. We have heard many stories and testimonies of those who after reading this… actually got up and did something with their lives! Mission trips with their family, friends or church… or helping those in their neighborhood… or even just concern for their own families. If this web site accomplished nothing more than that… it has been a success.

We each are so blessed and have so much to give to this world... in our own individual way. A loving witness here… a bit of kindness there. We Can All Make a Difference… We Can Each Be On God's Mission Right Where We Live… Every Day… In A Million Different Ways!

We Can All Be Living To Give!

Giving Quote, Helping, Winston Churchill

PPS. Never underestimate what a little love can do! One viewer wrote in saying they felt overwhelmed by all that the world faced and it made them afraid to face the challenge! In reality our faith should give us the faith to face anything... and our love should give us the heart to do what we can... where we are. One Step At A Time... One Day At A Time... One Life At A Time! No More... No Less! It Is Not Impossible If We Each Just Do & Give What We Can!

God Help Us To Give 'em His Love

Whatta Ya Think???

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That's It For This One Friends…

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