Japan Tsunami Remembered

Japan Tsunami Page Was Written by Peter O'Neill

5 years ago on a quite March day... the world in Japan turned upside down. In the Land of the rising sun it was a crushing event that threatened to put the lights here ... out forever. We take a moment to remember the events of March 11th, 2011.

One Of The Greatest Natural Disasters Of
The Modern Age.

Long after we are all gone and the books written of this event have turned to dust.... folks will still remember this day. In the period of 10 minutes two massive quakes struck back to back... just off the coast of North Eastern Japan.

At 9.1 On The Richter Scale This Was The 5th Largest Earthquake Ever Recorded In Human History

Japan Earthquake, Japan Tsunami, Devastation, Japan Disaster

The Displacement Caused One Of The Most Destructive Tsunamis Ever Seen.
Within Minutes 30,000 Souls Perished

Japan Earthquake dead

The Greatest Destruction Occurred In the Kesennuma / Minami Sanriku Area

7 Kilometers Inland
The Japan Tsunami
Looked Like This...

First The Earthquake...

Then The Flood...

Followed By Fire

Japan Tsunami, Japan Earthquake, Fire, help japan

Up And Down The Northeast Coastline of Japan Massive Fires Burned Out of Control

In The End...
Everything Was Destroyed

Words Could Not Describe It

Why Did God Allow This?

When asked why God allowed this to happen one of the top Buddist Monks responded that, "possibly we were too proud and too over confident in our abilities and not trusting and not looking to God enough".

As an example it was mentioned how one professor had gotten on television 2 weeks before the event and commented that the newly finished sea wall in Kesanuma...  "Could Not Even Be Breached By God." (It was the sentiment of the greater population at the time.) Needless to say... the sea wall was breached and in this town and the connecting town of Minami San Riku over 13,000 people perished. We do not purport to say why this happened, but we do strongly ask for your prayers that this country...  very humbled by this and other  disasters... that they could find and direct their hearts to God and that they could find Jesus who is the only real hope and salvation that any of us have.

People Need Jesus

One day we will all experience our own personal Tsunami... when the trials of life and frailty of these mortal bodies shall wash over us all and take us from this world as we know it. The only real hope we have is in the Lord. May God help us to  share that with the world and be an instrument to get out that message of hope. Thank You again for taking the time to read this. Please keep us and all the Missionaries here in Japan in your prayers. With Thanks From The Land Of The Rising Sun...

Your The 21st Century Christianity Team

Pray For Japan

japan tsunami, pray for Japan

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