Halloween... Jesus Ween
The Eve Of Saints Unseen

The Jesus Ween Page was Penned & Compiled by Peter O'Neill

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Let's Be Clear...
Halloween's Been Hacked
& There's Something We Can Do About It

Halloween actually means the "Eve of All Saints Day"! Back in the day, the Christians who were winning the world and growing by leaps and bounds wanted to give their new converts something to celebrate other than their traditional Dark Pagan holidays, which glorified False Gods and Dark Forces.

Jesus Ween, all saints day, trick or truth, christian Halloween, Witnessing

Their solution was to set aside a day... All Hallows (Saints) Day (November 1st) to celebrate the warriors and hero's of the faith. The men and women who had stood up for God and Given their lives for the Lord! The day before All Hallows Day was All Hallows Eve or as we know it now... Halloween.

But Today's HALLOWEEN...
 Is No "Treat"

Now it's largely reverted back into a pagan holiday of ghosts & goblins... candy and big cash payouts for costumes, parties & decorations. Not much Holy or Hallow about it at all.

So What Do We Do???
And How Do We Handle...
The Halloween Hijack?
Jesus Ween

1st... Give Your Kids The Truth

Tell 'em what the day really is. Bring 'em up to speed on how things have gotten twisted and turned around.

talking to son, holloween, jesus ween

2nd... Accentuate The Good & Positive

You don't have to dwell on darkness... or all the enemy has done to hijack the holiday. Just stick to the positive. Make it what it really is and always was... a day to bring out the good. A day to honor the forces of goodness, love, light, hope and happiness. Dress your kid up as something or someone good.

Don't Be MEAN
On Halloween

jesus ween, accentuate the positive

3rd... Don't Yield The Field
To The Opposition

Lastly don't give The Enemy control of the day. Don't let him make it a sham or tool of evil... Use It As A Witness For The Lord.

Jesus Ween, all saints day, Halloween, christian

All Is Fair In Love & War

The enemy has turned the tables and made this a day to worship and fear the many less than noble entities... like... Ghouls, Goblins etc.

OK... Great ... We Get It!

All Is Fair in Love and War and There Can Be No Greater Battle than this Battle for Love and Truth For The Souls of Men! So Let Us Not Shrink From Our Calling... Let Us Join The Fight! Let Us Each Do What We Can! May We Each One... Reach One!

Soldier of the cross, knight, christian

Let us realize how it sits and turn things back to the light. Make This A Day Of Praise & Prayer & Thanksgiving For Those Godly Souls Who Have Gone On Before Us. Let's Make It A Witness In Whatever Way We Can.


Give Them Jesus

You've Got 'Em
Bangin' & Beggin'
On Your
So... Why Not
Use It!

Jesus Ween, all saints day, Halloween, christian

When kids come... don't be sour and condescending... Be kind and loving and give them a treat (Hopefully not something that will rot their teeth)...and if possible somehow also give them a witness and lift them to the Lord and His Love. It's a Great Chance to Get Out The Message. Be Positive... Be The Coolest Thing On The Block. Show 'em So Much Love... That They Will Never Forget!

Christian Halloween, The Real Meaning Of Halloween

Whatever You Do... Be Inspired...

Move 'Em & Show 'em You Care

jesus ween, happy kids, halloween, nice, friendly people

Make Those Precious
30 Seconds Count

Twas The Night
Before Halloween

Twas The Night Before Halloween
And All Thru The Town
Not A Goblin Was Stirring
Nor A Witch With A Frown 

And Up By The Chimney
What Did I Behold 
But Some Cool Bible Tracks
And A Cross Made Of Gold 

There Were Candies & Cookies
And Treats For All There
Each Mixed With A Message 
Of God’s Love, Hope & Care

Here's Some Ideas
For Busting


Pastor Paul Ade

In Canada... With...

Jesus Ween
Jesus Ween
Jesus Ween
Jesus Ween
Jesus Ween

Here's A Track
Someone Added In

With Their Goodies

jesus ween, Bible tract, witnessing

Don't Be Intimidated…
Be Loving & Be Bold

It's one thing to say, "wow, ya that's right" and another to actually do something. More often than not, folks get intimidated into thinking this is just something we need to let pass. Problem is though… when folks do that on a mass level… then you leave the field open for the more aggressive forces who, at best, don't believe in God or at Worst... Really Want To Make The Day A Celebration Of Fear & Evil.

Don't Be Intimidated… Don't Be Bullied… What You Do... Really Counts. You are only one, but a light set upon a hill cannot be hid. Make Your Voice Be Heard. Call it Jesus Ween… Call It What You Want, BUT... Give Those Kids Something Positive, Godly & Good!

Test For Treats
T. Pattans' Teach… From Albuquerque, New Mexico
Seems A Bit Long But... He's Trying!

Thousands Of Possibilities...
Find Something That Works For You!
Get Out A Bit Of Truth This Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve

Call It... Halloween

Or... Jesus Ween ...

But Whatever You Call It

Folks Should Know...

It's About The Good & Godly...

Not About The Cruel & Mean

Mr Bean Halloween

That's It For This One Friends…

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