The Kids Mission
Get 'Em Into God's Army

The Kids Mission Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

If You Want To Reach The Kids...
Show 'em That Our God Rules

 That He Is The Real Power Behind It All...
Not The Wimp Often Portrayed

In Social Media & TV

A Good Farmer Knows His Success Or Failure Usually Depends Largely Upon His Planning, Preparation & Dealing With His Crop While It Is Still Young & Just Getting Started. Lack Of Care There of... Leads To Disaster… Real Fast & Real Quick! Once It Gets Rolling... He Kind Of Just Lets It Go, Trusting God For The Needed Rain, Warmth & Nutrition.

kids are the future, christian mission

The Key Is The Kids &
The Key To The Kids Is...

If You Catch 'em While They're Young... You Can Lay A Great Foundation For The Rest Of Their Lives. Leave 'em To Themselves and Somebody Else, on some other kids mission Will Train 'em… But Usually Not In A Godly Way! …And For That Sad Mistake, There Will One Day Soon... Be Hell To Pay! You Reap What You Sow! Soooo…. Take The Time To Sow Into Your Little Ones And Train 'em Up. It Will Last A Lifetime!

Top Ten Terrible Training Trip-offs

#1 The TV/Computer Is The Teacher

surfing the net, supervising kids

OK Moms busy… Dads at work… how to keep little Billy happy while we make some progress. Put him in front of a Computer or the old TV? If they're good Kids Shows or Programs... YES... of course. Are you checkin'… what their watchin'? You Should! Do You Let Them Serf The Net Unsupervised? Because what might look innocent and simple up front & in the reviews, might have a lot of things you don't agree with. You'll Never Know Unless You Actually Check It! … And Check It Consistently… And TURN YOUR KIDS SURFING FILTER "ON!" PRERECORDED DVDs & Downloads that you are familiar with, ARE ALSO GREAT.  For a Few More Kids Mission Ideas Click Here

TV for children, good or bad

#2 Watch Out For… The Kid Next Door

You've Gotta Know That Whoever Your Child Hangs Around With, is a person who Will Share His Or Her Heart, Thoughts And Values. Is that the kind of person you want your kiddo to be affected by… is that what you want your kiddo to be like. Not to be ostracizing others, but if the other little fellow has some issues… keep a constant eye on 'em… keep 'em close and don't send your child out with them, without supervision. 'Dems 'Dat Sleep With Dogs Gets Flees! More Mischief Is Learned By Kids… From Other Kids… Than Any Other Source. Good or Bad They Will Affect Each Other!

kids hanging out, friends, learning from other kids,

#3 Make What They Listen To... Moving, Uplifting & Alive

What Music is going on around your little one. Is it good positive uplifting music or something else. Music is one of the most powerful life affecters that we have. Good Godly Inspiring Music Can Lay A Subliminal Underlying Foundation Of Hope, Peace, Faith, Goodness & Salvation. Evil Negative Music Does Just The Opposite! Background Music… what you listen to on the radio… stuff you pop on when you're cooking dinner… though seemingly unnoticeable  builds from the base of our hearts, minds and souls.

Bringing Good Music Into The Home...
Is A Kids Mission Must!

music quote, music is to the soul as food to the body

#4 Reading Made Right

Probably Most Kids are going to want to read or hear the stories of the day. Be it Buzz & Woody or whatever. Some say to just keep our kids away from all the evil that comes out in print, but that's not realistic. What you can do is explain… accentuate the positive… point out the negative and show them how to know the difference. Read with 'em if possible, but always know what they are reading and make sure and cover any points that need to be addressed.

reading with child, teaching children

#5 A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

Many, fearful of what their kids might get into… shut them off from everything. The end of that road is a sad, frustrated, confused child and a failed kids mission. As a parent you have a responsibility to make life exciting and fun and challenging for your child. Show them the Magic of true Godly Science… Inspire them with real adventures in whatever way your situation allows.

Teach them to love to learn. Show them all the wonders and possibilities in life. If you do they will treasure you forever… if you don't develop & Inspire Them… What A Waste! …Eventually... If You Don't… Somebody… Someday Will… And It Probably Won't Be For God.

inspire children, quote, challenge kids

#6 Be A Sample Not Just A Sermon

Sadly many Christians have all the Ceremonies and Right Moves and Actions Down. They Are Christianity's Politically Correct, but Spiritually Weak. Kids Will Listen To What You Say… But They Will Far More… Watch & Copy How You Live! What You Do Speaks Louder Than What You Preach.

So If You Want To Live For God... Tell 'Em The Truth... Give It… Then Live It! Often the only Bible A Kid Ever Reads Is The One Bound In Shoe Leather.

If You're Gonna Commit To A Kids Mission Then...

walk the talk, practice what you preach

#7 Not Living Positively…Is…Positively A Miss

No Matter How Tough Things Might Get In Life Always Stay Positive & Full Of Faith. It Is A Sample That... When They See It In You... Will Lay A Foundation For How They Will Deal With Every Problem They Will Ever Face In Their Life. If You Grump & Complain… So Will They! …


If You Face Problems & Difficulties With Courage and Trust... You Will Build That Same Strength In Them. Live On The Bright Side Of Life! Always Remember You Have A Kids Mission & Speak Faith In The Future… No Matter What!

Little Minds & Souls Are Watching So...

staying positive, quote,

#8 No Discipline = No Love

Granted Correcting Your Child is not the easiest thing to do… but if you love them & you want to be successful in your kids mission… you will! I don't mean bashing them up along side of the head, but being firm, making boundaries and pushing them to toe the mark… It Shows You Really Care & Love Them.

The Whole Doctor Spock, "Let Your Kid Do What He Wants"... is nuts. Doctor Spock's son went out and committed suicide and a generation of kids have grown up selfish and self centered because of that train of thought. It's Not Complicated & You Don't Need A Collage Degree To Teach Your Child Right & Wrong! Folks Have Been Doing It For Thousands Of Years & It Works! 

proverbs 13 24, spare the rod, discipline

#9 A Relationship Not A Ritual

If Christianity is anything… It Is A Relationship With God Through Jesus. It Is Knowing Someone Who Understands You Personally and Regardless Of Our Sins & Weaknesses, Loves Us Just The Same. If You Don't Teach Your Kids That Jesus Is Their Best Friend and That He Will Always Be There For Them, Then You've Missed It & Your Kids Mission Is A Bust.

If You Teach Them A Ton Of Traditions & Ceremonies & Rituals, But Miss The Main Point Of Their Relationship With God… Then You've Failed! If They Don't Know That Jesus Loves Them And Cares For Them And Is Always Right There With Them… Then You're More Of The Problem Than The Solution! Hopefully They'll Get It Somewhere... Because You're No Big Help.

relationship with god, quote, dead rituals

Remember The Day When You Came To The Lord… The Day When You Knew & Understood All Of What Jesus Had Done For You. It Wasn't Complicated… It Wasn't A Mystery… And It Wasn't Repetitious! It Was Love… The Greatest Love… It Was Help, Hope, Encouragement, Faith, Victory & Salvation... All Rolled Into One! It Was Better Than Anything. If You Don't Give That To Your Kid… If You Don't lead Him To The Lord… Then all the Rest Is In Vain!

That Is The Heart Of Every Kids Mission

#10 Failure To Teach The Book

As The Old Childhood Rhyme Says… "3 Men Were Walking On A Wall… Feeling, Faith & Fact. Feeling Had An Awful Fall… Faith Was Taken Back… Only Fact Remained. So Fact Pulled Up Faith… & Faith Pulled Up Feeling & They Walked On The Wall Again!

Not Giving & Teaching The Word… The Bible… The Book To Our Kids, Is Our Greatest Mistake. All the ceremonies and traditions in the world are not going to help when the trials of life hit. Only God's Word Will See Them Through!

Preach It To 'em… Teach It To 'em… Bring The Word Alive! Make It Fun… Make It Real… Make It Rhyme… But Somehow Get It To 'em While You've Still Got Time. Do Weekly Memory Projects, Tell A Thousand Bible Jokes, Read The Age Old Stories With The Fire & Light Of The True Shocking Events That They Were! Ya Gotta Bring It Home!

living bible, teaching kids, quote

A Hop, A Skip & A Blink...
& Our Kids Will Be Grown Ups, Leading The World!

Where They Go With It?
That my Friend...
 Is Up To What We Do Now

So Let's Set 'em Free

That's It For This One Friends…

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