Tragedy To Triumph

Tragedy To Triumph Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

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The True Story Of Carrot Top

In the dark days of World War 2, when a tyrant threatened to enslave the world... there arose one brave and confident man who would shout in the face of cataclysm..."To Hell With You... We Will Fight!"

But...It Wasn't Always So...

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Little Leonard... or Carrot Top as he was called by fellow students was given almost no chance for success by his teachers and those that knew him as a boy. He ranked third lowest in his class: grade averages for English 75%, history 65%, mathematics 50%, Latin 30%. They flunked him twice and were constantly frustrated with his willful stubbornness.

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His teacher's report read: "The boy is certainly no scholar & has repeated his grade twice. He has also a stubborn streak & is sometimes rebellious in nature. He seems to have little or no understanding of his school work, except in a most mechanical way. At times, he seems almost perverse in his ability to learn. He has not made the most of his opportunities."

On top of his above problems... Carrot Top had a troubling speech impediment that made him look like a fool. 

What Hope Could There Be For Such A Kid?

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Though he came from a good wealthy home... it didn't buy him much good will... or support from those he constantly had to deal with. They considered him a nuisance and a waist of time. He was written off and... if those in control had had their way... he would have been jettisoned to some meaningless job and a life of mediocrity.

Such Was The Seemingly Hopeless Condition Of Little Carrot Top

 Enter... Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Everest 

Elizabeth Ann Everest, Winston Churchill, Nanny

Tragedy To Triumph

The one thing that changed little Leonard's life... was having someone who believed in him! Someone who would instill in him... faith & confidence to believe in his own destiny! That someone... was the family childcare worker (Elizabeth Ann Everest)... a devout Christian woman who cared for him through much of his childhood. She Prayed For Him & She BELIEVED In The Boy! She Believed God Would Do Great Things With His Life... And Because She Believed...

 So Did He!

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Some people go to remote parts of the world to be a missionary... Mrs Everest "Mission Field" was little Carrot Top. She loved him and dried his eyes when everything went wrong. When no one could see anything good in him... she did. When no one could see any possibilities in him... she could. Her love and Godly standard of righteousness laid the foundation in his life that would allow him to over-come all his nay sayers and go on to greatness. Her Faith, Love & Hope Turned His Tragedy To Triumph!

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Little "Never Do Well" Leonard...

Went On To Graduate Near The Top Of His Class
At The Royal Military Collage 

young winston churchill, Military Collage

Win The Nobel Prize For


winston churchill, nobel prize

Become The 1st Lord Of

The Admiralty 

winston churchill, Lord Of The Admiralty

And The Greatest

Prime Minister & Leader That England Ever Had

Because his Nanny had turned that one little child's tragedy to triumph... So Did This Now Great Man Turn His Nations Tragedy To Triumph!

winston churchill quote, never surrender

That Little Stubborn Carrot Top...

Who You Will Better Know As...

Sir Winston...
Leonard Spencer Churchill

Stood In The Gap When Hitler Threatened To Enslave The World

winston churchill, prime minister, ww2

Winston Churchill...

Overcame It All...

& Changed The Course Of History

 If the British Empire lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest hour.

But... What Would

Have Happened...

if Elizabeth Ann Everest had not taken the time to love and encourage him. To be the one lone voice that believed in him! The one person that stood against all those that said he was worthless... and useless... and hopeless! 

There Is A Great Lesson Here

That We Should Love Folks As Christ Loves Us. Believe and encourage those in our care to rise up and be all that God wants them to be. To Speak Faith... And Hope... & Destiny To Each Person God Brings Our Way! Because You Never Know What That Might Mean To Some Needy Soul! It Could Be The Difference Between Greatness... Or A Sad , Discouraged, Unfulfilled Life!

May God Help Us To Be That Love, Help & Encouragement To Those That God Sends Our Way!


As With Many A Faithful Soul... Mrs Everest Was Not Appreciated For Her Love & Encouragement To Winston... &... After Many Years Of Faithful Service... With No Good Reason... She Was Abruptly Fired By Churchill's Parents. When She Went To Her Reward A Few Years Later... SO GREAT WAS 'Carrot Tops' APPRECIATION FOR HER... That He Purchased A Head Stone For Her Burial & Had His Name Included Onto It. When the world forgot her... he remembered!

ELIZABETH ANN EVEREST, Churchill's Nanny, 1895, gravestone

Her Legacy Of Love Was
Thereafter Lived In The Life
Of The Child She Had Cared For...
& Raised To True Greatness.
God Knows

Some Quotes From...

Sir Winston Churchill

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winston churchill quote, never give in


winston churchill quote, you have enemies


Truth quote, Winston Churchill quote


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So great was Winston Churchill's appreciation for his Nanny... that beside his death bed... he had her loving picture reminding him that they would meet again soon! She had changed his life and had given him the faith to rise to greatness and at the end... to die in faith.

May We All Do The Same For The Precious Souls That God Leads Our Way

Because A Bit Of Faith... Love... & Encouragement
Can Make

The Difference

Be The Difference

That's It For This One Friends…

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