Red Lights For A Reason

The God's Red Lights Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

red lights, traffic lights

God Gives Commandments... 
Laws, Suggestions & Guidelines Because He Loves Us. They're There To Protect Us.

If We Miss The Warnings...Or...
Ignore The Rules...
Then Trouble Is Sure To Follow

In our culture today, folks are inspired to push the limits... "GO Where No Man Has Gone Before!" When that's an inspired move of God... then it's a winner... but sadly it's often used as an excuse to break all the rules and do what's Good for M'wa.

Is This Gonna Help Me... Do It.

Does It Feel Good... Do It!

Is It Cool... Do It!

Well We Were All Young Once... But Somewhere Along The Line We Got The Point That There Are Rules & Laws Put There For A Reason.

It's Not Lord Of The Flies

Just because you want to fly down a neighborhood road at 100 Mph doesn't mean you can... or should... or ... that it's right! Like stoping at a red light or a stop sign... there are rules for a purpose.

Hundreds and thousands of lives destroyed, ruined and shattered because some person felt like they could do What They Wanted... When They Wanted... Regardless Of Everyone Else!

Not just in driving... but in everything. Government...Business... Relationships... etc. etc.

We All Learn
That There Are
For A Reason

God is not some ugly Ogre  up there with a waggy finger trying to shut us down from enjoying life and all that He has made... But...

and it is a BIG...


The Universe & All Of Creation Works Under Rules... Laws... Whatever You Want To Call Them. What Goes Up Comes Down... Etc Etc Etc... Things Are Set In Order... And Those Laws Are Set In Stone! To Make It Easy For People... For Even The Simplest Soul To Understand... God Whittled... Or Should I Say Engraved The Basics Down To 10 Simple Rules.

Like A Red Light... Try And Get By These... And You Do So At Your Own Peril. When You Break The Basics Rules, Folks Get Hurt... And What Goes Around Comes Around! In The End The Breaker... Is The One Who Gets Broken!

God's Rules Are Given In Love
To Help & Protect Us All

ten commandments, traffic lights of life

Well... How Can I Know That The Bible Really Is True... That Those 10 Commandments Really Are From God?

OK... Fair Question.

Here's a cool video that illustrates Why.

If you study your Bible you'll see many other very needed and clear suggestions to help you with your drive through life... each... a precious guidline from a God Who Loves US All! In The Keeping Of His Guidelines... His Suggestions... There Is Life!

OK Then...
What About... When You're Not Sure

Invariably situations arise when you're not clear as to what's right and wrong. In those cases go back to the basics... The Main Points Of The Ten Commandments Are To Love God With All Your Heart & Mind & Soul... And Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

love thy neighbor

The Key Being Love... Because God Is Love & If You Are Full Of His Love And His Spirit You're Gonna Get It Right... And That's That!

love god with all your heart

The Lord Is So Wonderful!
His Loving Plan...
His Creation...
His Rules
Are So Perfect!
They Are...

God is love

Jesus Didn't Come To Destroy The Law... But To Fulfill The Law! We Could Never Be Good Enough, No Matter How Much We Try... But That Is No Excuse... As Some Have Suggested... To Just Go Ahead & Live Like Hell & Do What We Want... Hurt Who We Want... And Break Every Commandment!

If your receive a new car...

you'll want to drive it...

it becomes part of your life!

If  You Receive The Lord...

You'll Want To Live It...

Because He Is A Part Of Your Life!

Indescribably... Amazingly... Wonderful!

So For A Great Journey Through Life... Follow The Rules Of The Road &
Check With The Drivers Manual Frequently.

And Watch Out For Those Red Lights!

We & God Love You
Drive Safely Now...
Ya Hear!

dreve safely, rules for a reason

That's It For This One Friends…

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