The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

When Life Seems Unfair... Don't Despair

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One Day...Through Many Different Roads &...

Many Different Paths...

We All Get To That Magic Moment...

 When We Know...

There Has To Be Something More...

Someone Up There... Out There...

A Reason For It All...



Who Can & Will Back Us Up...

Who When We Hit Rock Bottom

Who Will Answer
That Heart Cry...
And Bring Us Back From The Brink

Back from the brink

Someone Who Can
Give Us 
Over Every Pitfall

No Matter How
Black or Difficult


Who Can Pick Us Up
& See Us Through To...
New & Better Day

Life & Hope

Someone Who Has Seen Our
Every Fault, Failure & Sin

That Someone

Our Best Friend
Who Has Loved Us &
Known Us...
Our Entire Lives

That Someone Is

Jesus Christ
The Son Of God

Who Came &...

Lived & Died
To Set Us Free Forever

And That...
Pretty Much... Is...

The Bottom Line

Life Has So Many Ups & Downs

It is often when problems crash into our lives that we realize we need help. We can't do it ourselves... we can't get beyond some obstacle. Many a person has given up at that stage. They throw in the towel and they give up the ghost. So, soooo sad!

     The cool thing though is that many others hit those same brick walls and instead of crying uncle... they seek and cry out with their whole hearts for an answer... a hope... a salvation! Life's darkest hour is often just before the dawn. Victory often is born out of seeming defeat. The best part of many  peoples' lives... came after they went through some great breaking. After they were rejected. After they failed. After they were betrayed. After they were hurt. After Some Great Problem... THAT'S WHEN THE BEST PART OF THEIR LIVES HAPPENED!  So Never let Life's Downers... Keep You Down! Rise Up With Faith & Know God Has Great Things Ahead For You! The Best Is Yet To Come! He Will Give You Victory!

Cry Out To God For Vindication!... And God Will Answer!  That's The Ticket! It's Almost More
A Rule, Than An Exception. 

Here In The Movie, "It's A Wonderful Life" Jimmy Stewart Has Learned A Lesson On How Precious Life Is & Is Given A 2nd Chance! It's A Great Movie To Watch If
You Ever Get Down Or Discouraged

We Close With...A Wee Word From

Tamara Lowe Who

Wraps It Up With A Rap

& Brings Us Back To...

The Bottom Line


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