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Make A Statement

Make A Statement is a short page that reaches into the heart of the matter of sharing our life giving faith with the World.

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Your Best Friend

Your Best Friend... is a short story of someone who really cares for you. Through ups and downs, good and bad... He's a friend who will always be there.

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You Count

You Count... is an inspirational piece about how we all matter and how we can impact this world and make a difference for God

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You Are Loved

You Are Loved... Reminds Us That In Todays World… With All The Push & Shove Of Life… We Are Still Precious... We Are Important & We Are Loved

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Words Of Encouragement

The Words Of Encouragement Page, Takes A Moment To See Life's Difficulties From A Positive & Pensive Point Of View. Bringing Real Hope For Tomorrow!

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Touch A Life

It's amazing what God can do with a broken heart. Just when we think we are all washed up...or finished...He can do the Magic to make a masterpiece our of our mess. Touch A Life Tells One Story...

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Toil-worn Hands

Toil-worn Hands Is The Touching True Story Of How & Why Albrecht Durer Painted The Master Piece "Praying Hands"!

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Through The Valley

Through the Valley... is a neat inspiration to help you to fight through tough times and on to great victories in life.

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Meet The Boss

Meet The Boss Takes You Into The Office Of The Top Enchilada, The Big Tamale For A Personal Introduction. Come On In & Meet The King!

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Christian Stories

The True Christian Stories of Team Hoyt & Eric Liddell. Men With Guts & Heart... Godly Men Who Would Not Be Denied

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Abortion The Silent Holocaust... is a Call To Folks To Wake Up To The Horrors Of This Legal Infanticide! A Call To Unit The World Against One Of The Great Evils Of Our Day.

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Christian Stories, Music & Inspiration from 21st Century Christianity

Christian Stories From 21st Century Christianity is a Site Packed With Moving Videos & Encouraging Presentations Built To Be A Blessing To You. Guaranteed To Make You Mad, Sad or Glad!

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Jesus Ween

Halloween (The Eve of All Saints Day) Has Been Hi-Jacked! What should Christians do! Here-in are a few ideas like Jesus Ween for how to take back the day! All is fair in love & war!

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Ben Breedlove Made this moving video before passing away on Christmas Day 2011. The Lord truly prepared Ben for his passing and he shares the reason for that hope & peace here.

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Funny Christian Stories 2, Christian Humor, Pictures, Smiles and More

Funny Christian Stories 2 , Pictures and Words Of Encouragement. This Page Strives to Inspire Us All To Smile Through The Good & The Tough Times... The Ups & The Downs!

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Funny Christian Stories 1, Pictures and Humor

Funny Christian Stories 1 - A Variety of Christian Jokes, Pictures and Fun Stuff. Moooving Udderances Made To Make You Laugh!

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Terry Fox

Terry Fox…In The Land of Guts and Courage There's The Firemen Who Runs Into a Burning Building... The Soldier That Jumps On a Grenade to Save His Buddies... The Mom That Defends Her Child With...

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E-Water Brings You The Carpenter

E-Water Inspirations Brings you the Story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of the average man. A Beautiful and Majestic look at the Humble Eternal King of Us All.

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Be Still

When It All Goes Wrong... Be Still & Know That He Is God... & He Is In control. It's the key to victory in times of trouble, difficulty & despair.

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The Attack Page is a call for Modern Day Christians to Rise Up And Be Heard! A Call To Stand Up For Their Beliefs & To Stand Up For THE TRUTH...

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Believe In Miracles

The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In Miracles... & That Good Things Are Going To Happen. To Those That Believe In Their Dreams... To Those That Believe God Has A Plan & A Purpose...

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Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton, SHARK ATTACK, OVERCOMING

THE TRUE & INSPIRING STORY of Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton. A Young Teen Who Had The World Pulled Out From Under Her in Just Seconds, But Rode The Wave Of Heartache & Difficulty To Ultimate Victory.

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Akiane… A Child That Heard From God & Painted What She Saw. A Kid Not So Into All The Hoopla… She Just Was Here To Pass On A Message Of The Heaven Sent Images She Saw

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Rachel Scott

In The movie Braveheart he says,"What would you give for one chance to come back here and tell your enemies,'you can take our lives but you can't take our freedom'." Rachel Scott Did That For God

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Daily Light 4

Daily Light 4 is one of a continuing series of inspirational quotes, pics & points. Need Some Light... Give Us A Click

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North Korea

This North Korea page paints the problem with the "Kim Dynasty" as we believe God sees it! It's a no holds bared, honest Christian assessment of the problem!

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A Moving and Inspirational Look at the True Meaning of Easter.

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The Righteousness Page ... is a Call To Conviction… Illustrated by Great True Stories of Those That Rose Above The Moment To Do What Was Right.

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Touch The World With Your Heart Cry! Be Whole-hearted In PRAYER … The Namby Pamby Stuff Makes God Sick!

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Gratitude is a simple page based on a beautiful video produced by Louie Schwartzberg. It shows and inspired each of us to be thankful...

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Resurgent Christianity

Resurgent Christianity - Christianity is resurging in places once closed to the Gospel. Russia... the East Block... China... Korea... Vietnam...etc. Watch this Video from Hungary in celebration of ...

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Make A Difference

Make A Difference is a short and sweet encouragement to all, to do what we can do to make this a better world. It is illustrated with the videos of Tyler Genneken & Dax Locke

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See The Heart

If You See The Heart… You'll Know the truth. WIth Labels And Groups To Belong To We Often Loose Sight Of Who A Person Really Is… But God Knows And This Is A Call To Look Deeper Before We Conclude

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Best Seller

What Is The Best Seller Of All Time? The Results Are In... And At The Top Of The List Is... The Big Enchilada Of Books...

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Over Uncharted Seas

Over Uncharted Seas is a moving poem that inspires folks to launch out into the deep and follow their dreams. The page also includes the true story of Missionary Devereux Spratt

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Bottom Line

When You Hit Rock Bottom… The Bottom Line Is That There Still Is Hope... And Here's Why!

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PRIORITIES ... Asks The Good Question About What We Value Most. This Page Points The Way To A High Road... & A Happy Fruitful Life

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Eagles Wings

Better OR Bitter...that's what problems will do to you.They'll make you or brake...lift you or sink you. Rise Above Your Adversity On Eagles Wings

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Anchor Holds

The Anchor Holds is a page based on the truth that God can keep us through anything. That he will hold us fast! A Page Of Encouragement In Times Of Trouble

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Life can be tragic & if you listen to all your critics, they'll pick you cleaner than a piranha. You've gotta know that in God's Eyes...You Are Wonderful...Beautiful & Perfect

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Never Give Up

Never Give Up is the Moving Story of How One Man, Derek Redmond, Finished His Race and the Example He Set For Us All

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New Year

Josh Groban & Tamar Kaprelian sing 2 Beautiful & Moving Songs About Starting Over. An Inspiring Way To Get The New Year Rolling!

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Christmas… How It Happened... Why It Happened... &... When It Happened! An Honest Look Back At 000 A. D. & The Real Meaning of the Day!

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Kim Clement

Kim Clement has made an impact on the world. Here we try and show you a few of the reasons why...

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Heaven Is for Real

Heaven Is for Real tells the moving story of Colton Burpo who died and then came back to life. The things he saw and the story he tells will inspire your heart with a hope of Heaven

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Staying Healthy

The Secrets To Staying Healthy & Growing Old With Grace... are very simple... very do-able & very real...

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Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple - is a call to all Christians to avoid the pitfalls of over-complicating the message. A Call To Stick To The Basics when giving the Gospel to those in need!

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Real Parents

An Inspiring Look At The Wonderful Ministry of Adoption & What It Truly Means To Be Real Parents.

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What Really Matters

What Really Matters... What's really important in life! When All Is Said & Done You Don't Want To Miss Out On What Counts Most!

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