Christian Persecution
The Battle Rages

The Christian Persecution Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

united we stand divided we fall, in unity there is strength

After a general agreement has been struck they often say, "that’s when you need to be careful", because “the devil is in the details”. Jesus said that “a house divided against itself cannot stand” and someone once paraphrased that by saying that the enemies favorite tactic is to “divide and conquer”How Many Lives are ruined... Good Sincere Christians, that receive the Lord and have a Wonderful Change in their Hearts... only to later get loaded down by the devil with trivial, cumbersome details… and the cares of this life!

Beware lest  any  man  spoil  you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. Colossians 2:8

 It kills them spiritually and they become fruitless… dead and lifeless… so sad! They would do better to just keep it simple.

skeletons, Spiritually Dead Christians

Sincere Saved Christians
Become Spiritually Dead
When They Loose The Vision

mark 16:15, go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature

Opening Up China
To The Gospel

 In the early 80’s I had the privilege of being one of the 1st Missionaries back into Communist China. Over my years there I saw many things… poverty, persecution, prison and death on the part of Converts and National Pastors. For a young naive kid like I was … it was a great shock and awakening. But on the opposite side of that I saw some of the most  beautiful things…collage kids, who found the Lord... being willing to sacrifice everything …risk real problems... for the precious love and hope that they found in Jesus.

Also in other missionaries, who over the years started coming into China…I saw in them and lived a camaraderie that I had never seen before or thought possible. It was like the Martyred Christians in the Arenas of Ancient Rome.

Christians being Martyred in Rome

No one was arguing how many Angels can sit on the head of a needle... or this doctrine or that historical point. We all stuck pretty much to the basics… We Band of Brothers and Sisters facing a very uncertain future in a desperate battle against the evil forces of this world.

There Are Many Modern Day Stories
Of Christian Persecution ...
Here Are A Few Examples...

Kim Jong-un Orders The Death of
33 Christians

christian persecution, north korea, christianity is #1 threat

 Thirty-three North Koreans face execution after being charged with attempting to overthrow the repressive regime of Kim Jong-un. 

The Koreans have landed themselves in hot water after it emerged they had worked with South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook and received money to set up 500 underground churches. It is understood they will be put to death in a cell at the State Security Department. Click Here For The Rest Of The Article

Chinese Christians
Form Human Shield
Around Church 

christian persecution, church destroyed in china

Thousands of Chinese Christians have mounted an extraordinary, round-the-clock defence of a church in a city known as the 'Jerusalem of the East' after Communist Party officials threatened to bulldoze their place of worship.

Click Here For The Rest Of The Story

christian persecution, war on christians, newsweek

The Most Uncomfortable Place For
A Christian Is...
A Comfortable Place.
Christianity Thrives
In Difficult & Perilous Times

Probably the greatest thing I learned there was to Keep It Simple and to treasure my fellow Christians. Stick to the basics and remember the Nails that Killed Jesus, Remember His Love and How He Died for Us All and How He Came Back from the Dead and has given us power to do the same. There are many other important points in Christianity, but folks loose their focus when they loose the big picture and get their priorities out of whack. Why try and chase away the darkness by arguing over black deadening details, when you can flip on the switch of eternal life and love and let the light in… which automatically chases away the darkness. In such a complicated world it all seemed pretty simple and worth mentioning here.

Christian Persecution, Tougher than Nails, Rev 1:18

You Talk About Christian Stories of Courage... A Kid 19 Years Old Who Throws a Christmas Party (to introduce Jesus to his friends) in His University  Dorm in Beijing, and Subsequently Prays with Most of the Students to Receive the Lord. He Does this Knowing that at the Least it Might Cost Him His Education and Prison. But He's Young and On Fire and He Doesn't Care. The Love of Jesus Means more to Him than Anything, Even Life Itself. In a Subsiquent Persecution HE dissapears and is Never Heard From Again. He Was My Friend and I Miss Him! His Christian Name Was John .

Christian Persecution, China

Heads Back Tough Guys, You Don't Want To Get Hit By The Splatter.

Christian Persecution Is
Real Today...
The World Over...
Pray For Those That Suffer It...
& Treasure Your Gift Of Being Able To Believe & Live Your Faith Without Fear Of Recrimination. It Is A Gift Others Would & Have Given Their Lives For. 

That's It For This One Friends…

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