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Reaching Your Soul... With the Swish of a Brush...
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The Christian Art Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill
Originally Posted In 2009... Updated April 2014

There are Many Great Beauties in God's Wonderful Creation! Here on the Christian Art Page we will try and bring you a few inspired attempts made to capture and share that Beauty. Be they With the Brush, Song, Video or any number of formats... they all illustrate the Wonder and Greatness that is our God! We hope this can be a blessing to you!

And Now...
The Prince Prince Of Peace
By Akiane Kramarik  Age 9

Akiane Kramarik, Prince of Peace, Inspired Art

To Understand how a 9 yr Old Could Produce

Such a Masterpiece... Check Out This Clip

Akiane's Story

For More on Akiane's Beautiful & Miraculous life Story Click Here

Jesus Wept

John 11:35 "Jesus Wept" is the shortest verse in the bible... but it shares an amazing truth. He was acquainted with our griefs... He Understood our Sorrows... He Knows... He Loves... He Cares  (Isaiah 53). So much so that he was willing to die to set us free... He was willing to take our pain, suffering & punishment!

Jesus Wept, jesus looking up, garden of gethsemane

This Next Piece Of Moving Christian Art Was Painted By Salvador Dali And Hangs in Glasgow Scotland

The Christ Of Saint John Of The Cross

Christ of St John of the cross, salvador dali

Salvador Dali made this painting in 1951. He had a dream and followed it to the best of his ability. The Angle, the lack of blood and gore... not even any nails or a crown of thorns. True to his dream, we believe Salvador depicts Jesus not as the beaten down target of reproachful men, but on the cross as the Victor that he was & is! A Beautiful Depiction of Peace & Triumph Of The Cross! We treasure this painting, because we seriously doubt Jesus is going to be walking around Heaven all blood and gore. Instead He walks the halls of Heaven as the Winning King That He Is!

For More On This Painting & It's History Click Here

Far Away -- By The Choir Libera

This next submission is by Tom Willis from our Forum Pages. He was in Japan at a light show and was with 2000 people as they heard this beautiful song... many were in tears. Not Because they could understand the message or the words, (as the words are not in Japanese)...(and tell of God's Spirit Coming To Us) But, because they could feel it. A very Moving Piece!

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