More Than Meets The Eye
The Mystery Of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

More Than Meets The Eye was penned & compiled by Peter O'Neill

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Quote

     With only the very simple information that has been dissimulated by the news media it is possible to discern that there is much more than meets the eye to this tragedy. The intricacy that it takes to do what was done... requires great expertise, planning & preparation.

Transponder turn off

And #2 The ACARS System was disabled. Not just a switch... but, the wiring and fuses were pulled to disable all other normal lines of location contact & verification. If it had been a crash the plane would have dropped right there... But... and this is the BIG...


Radar... Civilian and Military picks it up doing a turn back towards Malaysia and then out over the Strait Of Malacca. Through intricate manuvering Flight #370 avoids Indonesian airspace and radar and then disappears out over the Indian Ocean. Pings from the engines are recorded by satelite for another 7 hours & 30 Minutes as the plane flies on. Exact location and destination... Unknown! 

fake passports, Malaysian flight 370

Add to that... that several Iranian guys got on with fake passports... Supposedly flying to Communist China to seek political asylum. Really??? ... Kind Of Hard To Beleve that! 

So Obviously In All Of This...
There Is...

More Than Meets The Eye

They didn't go to all that trouble to just dump the plane in the ocean. There had to be a bigger purpose and plan. They Weren't Complete Idiots... Or Some Disgruntled Or Depressed Staff... That On A Whim... Decided To End It All. Instead They Were Cold and Calculating... Precise, Well Thought Out... & Well Rehearsed. There Is...

It's So Mysterious That It Almost Sounds  Like...  A Re-Do Of The Hit TV Series "Lost"

lost, TV Show, Malaysian flight 370

 Or What? 

After Praying About It And
Going Over It...
Here Is...

What We Believe

REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THIS PLANE WENT INTO THE OCEAN OR SOMEWHERE ELSE... We believe... that this is the rise of a new type and style or terrorism. Much more managed... much more sophisticated... much better planned and with a much longer term purpose. We believe that Radical Muslim fundamentalist... smart well educated and well trained... with a real conviction in what they are doing... have metamorphosed into a new much more dangerous threat. (This was written before the rise of ISSIS)

educated Muslims, islamic university society

Not just some nut with a bomb on a street corner, but now a group of someones possibly with a plane and a means of delivering a nightmarish payload to anywhere in the world.

In India... Pakistan... Kazakistan... and many of the poor countries of South East Asia... a very minimal amount of money can buy just about anything. Radar operators looking the other way... flight control towers receiving planes off the books etc.

what's the point, why, what's the reason

So the message of this Page... to the Good & Godly Nations of the world is...
Regardless Of What Happened To Malaysian Air  370...

To Watch Out & Beware!

eternal vigilance, price of freedom

Certain Nation States Like Iran, Pakistan etc
Have Sponsored & Propagated Terrorism For Decades, Decades & Decades!

It's nothing new, but this TWIST is new and the potential for trouble is huge! Failure to acknowledge and confront the threat will in the end... like with any bully... just create a bigger problem! It is necessary to unite against such evil or face the very real possibility that we could be hurt by it! Failure To Be Pro-active Will Produce an Active, Very Real, Threat and Danger! 

ForeWarned Is ForeArmed

When Things Are Out Of Your Control...
And Your Heart Is Burdened...
The One Thing You Can Do Is Pray!

Prayer Changes Things... It Moves Things... because heartfelt prayer touches the heart of God... and He made it all! He Is in control of it all! 

So please pray... pray for the families with lost loved ones... pray for the safety of God's people and Pray Against the Evil Forces that would like to Rise and Bring Chaos and Confusion to the World!

In & Because Of This...

Though We Be Seemingly Small...

We Can Still Do Much!

Alfred Lord Tennyson quote, more things are wrought through prayer

Pray For God To Do A Miracle & Bring This Nightmare To An End... Quickly...
And In Peace!

That's It For This One Friends…

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