Glimpses of Heaven… Memories of Tomorrow
A Young Lady Touching The World For God

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The Akiane Page was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity

Drawing Heaven - The CNN Report

At the age of 3 1/2 or 4 this young lady started seeing pictures of something she could not understand or fathom. She tried to explain it to her Mom who was an atheist, but that was tough. So she started to draw what she saw. At the time her family had no TV or radio... few books and little if any outside contact... so how could this little kiddo know all these things, do all these things... see all these things.

She told her initially unbelieving mom she was hearing from Heaven and could see images beyond anything we could possibly imagine. In the process of drawing and explaining and writing... she touched her family and touched the world.... which is her greatest hope and dream.

Jesus My Friend

Ever Wonder... "What Does Jesus Look Like?"
Akiane Painted "Father Forgive Them" At Age 8.
When Overlaid & Blended With The
Shroud Of Turin...
It Bares This Amazing Result

One of the things that has theologians and simple believers so interested in Akiane's paintings, is that she tries to accurately paint Jesus. Forget that she drew with zero outside influence or teaching, forget she started that painting at 6 years of age… and forget that her parents were athiest. Instead consider the amazing mix and mash between her painting and the Shroud of Turin. It's A Shocker.

Akiane, Prince of Peace

Probably The Best Depiction Of Christ Ever Made

akiane, father forgive them, painting, child prodigy

A Wee Child Leads With A Positive Message of Faith, Hope, Love & Encouragement

As The News Reporter Said...

"Could It Be That The Hand of God Sometimes Holds A Paint Brush"

Because Her Paintings


On The Eternal

"Wonder" Painted By Kramerik At Age 13

akiane, Wonder, Inspired art, art for God, akiane painting, child prodigy

"Innocence" Painted When Akiane Was 8

Painting Akiane, Innocense, Child prodigy, christian Art

"Love" Age 13

A Painting and Story of God's Love & Care For The Unborn & The Aborted

Akiane, Love, abortion, Babies from heaven, Christian Art, child prodigy

She wanted to help people. She wanted others to see a better more positive world. A world of hope and love. A glimpse of Heaven... of what is... what could be... and what will be.

"Journey" Age 9

akiane, journey, christian art, child and stars, child and galaxy, child prodigy

The world was shocked and many a religion rushed to include her into their fold, but it just didn't happen. She tried this that and the other and finally came to the conclusion she would remain faithful to the images and leadings she was personally receiving. We're guessing that didn't go over well with some folks, but can you blame her.

Photo of Akiane At Age 17

akiane, teen photo, recent picture, akiane today, child prodigy

How many 14, 15 or 16 year old kids have you met who wanted to commit to a specific religion or group. It's the age of discovery... the age of adventure and the age of testing ones wings and that is what this young lady is doing. We hope folks will give her the same love and encouragement that she tries to give to others. The same love that Heaven offers to us all.

Her Overly Critical, Unloving Critics

akiane, funny cartoon, critic, child art

There are those dense enough, dumb enough or deceived enough to try and malign her. Some have said she is just not talented (we'd love to see what their 8 year old produced)... others have said that her inspiration is not from God but the devil. Wow! Sometimes folks really miss it. We feel sorry that this young lady has had to endure some of this criticism for her Heaven sent work... at an age when most kids have yet to even consider what they can do or what they might do with their lives... This Young Lady is already touching the World For God!

You Go Girl... You're Doin' Great!

Akiane, critics, reviews, complains, negative

Akiane is a Gift to Us All

She Should Be Treasured, Encouraged

And Given The Respect She Deserves

She Has Produced An Astounding

& Astonishing Body of Work

Each of this Young Lady's Paintings come with a beautiful story and explanation. In the painting of the little girl below... God gave Akiane a vision of this child being deserted and abandoned on a dirt road in Asia. Someone found her and she was eventually brought to a big city where she was cared for and one day she found the Lord and a new life.The paintings mean so much more when the story is told to complete the vision.

"Faith" Age 9

akiane, faith, christian art, story of rescued chinese girl, child prodigy

"Hourglass" Age 10

akiane, hourglass, dolphin painting, christian art, child prodigy

"Faithfulness" Age 16

akiane, faithfulness, christian painting, child prodigy

"Forbidden Fruit" Age 10

akiane, Forbidden Fruit, christian art, child prodigy

"Co-Creation" Age 11

akiane, Co-Creation, painter in stars, christian art, child prodigy

Here's An Assortment of Her Paintings...

Set To Music

Be Inspired To Know That Heaven Is Real &… If You Get A Moment…
Please Remember To Say A Little Prayer For The Kid. That She Will Accomplish All God Wants Her To... With Her Life!

We Close With A Recent Video

Of Akiane At Age 18...

On The Katie Couric Show

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