Amazing Comebacks

Amazing Comebacks Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity

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Consider... WALTER...
A Washed Up, Injured Old Fighter
Who Was Down To His Last Dime!

James Braddock

A Broken Man

In 1933 after a lackluster fighting career this kind hearted boxer, volunteered to do an exhibition bout, to help the families of police officers killed in the line of duty. In this charity event he broke his hand which seemingly ended his fighting career. Unable to fully recover he became a laughing stock.

At the bottom of the pit and at the end of his rope... he and his wife and 3 small children had no food to eat and were about to be made homeless. He did what work he could, but it seemed like all the world was against him and things were just absolutely hopeless. At this point Walter does something that no other future movie or widely publisized account would ever make known. Something that only his Pastor and family would later bring out. 

He asks God for help. 

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Then He Gets A Shot

Amazingly Walters' hand heals a bit and he is given one last boxing match to help him make a little "get by" cash. There's no hope that he could win the fight... BUTAGAINST ALL ODDS AND TO THE SHOCK OF EVERYONE... HE KO's his opponent, Corn Griffin! 

So convincing is his victory that they offer the aging fighter another bout to help ready John Henry Lewis (a future light heavyweight champ) for a shot at a title match. Again Walter is not even given a second thought, But SOMEHOW AGAIN he pushes back lady time and GRASPS VICTORY OUT OF WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A SURE DEFEAT! 

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Moving Up

Folks suddenly start to take real notice and he gets another fight with a top ranked contender Art Lasky and AGAIN... UNBELIEVABLY HE WINS! Suddenly Jimmy Walter Braddock... (who you might better know as) AKA... James J. Braddock gets a Comeback shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!

The fight is considered a joke as the Champ (Max Baer) has literally killed 2 previous opponents in the ring. Max Baer falsely presented as a ruthless and heartless soul in subsequent movies, was truely a great fighter and a great man.

Max Baer, Heavyweight Champion Of The World

For him to face the lowly Irish dockyard worker for the championship seemed like a complete farse... yet never-the-less there was this tremndous outcry from a country of people suffering under the great depression... a cry and a hope that somehow this little nobody... from no where... that somehow... he could pull off one of the most Amazing Comebacks of all time... AND...

In One of the Most Followed Events of It's Day

With Millions Praying for the Underdog

James J. Braddock

James J. Braddock
The Penniless Nobody
Comes From Out Of The Shadows
To Win One Of The Most
Amazing Comebacks
In History...

He Overcame It All To Become
The Heavyweight Champion
Of The World

As Portrayed In The Academy Award Winning Movie Cinderella Man

This Comeback Was Not Just Some "Rocky" Fantasy...

Or Some Hollywood
Script Writers Dream...
But A Real
Heaven Sent Triumph.
Showing Again That...

God Gets His Greatest Victories Out Of Seeming Defeat

And Showing Also That He Often Lets Us Hit Rock Bottom Before Raising Us Up
So Everyone Will Know That 
It's Was God...
Who Did It & Won The Victory

And The Point Being... Sometimes...

When Everything Goes Wrong... &

All Seems Lost...

You've Got To

Pray & Fight

For Your Dreams

And Refuse To Give Up!

 God Doesn't Give Us Problems To Crush Us 
 But To Help Us To Grow 
 And To Show US We Need Him To Win 

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Set-Backs Are Set-Ups
For Great Comebacks

Be it...
Moses Vs Pharoah 
David vs Goliath
or Darkness vs The Light
God Always Gets The Victory in the End! 

It's The Shocking...

Tim Tebows

Diana Nyads
James J Braddocks

of Life That Give Us Hope 
To Cry Out For Help!

Diana Nyad, Never Too Old, Never Give Up


 And Reach Out By Faith 

 To The Sure Mercies of God 

 For Victory Over Every Obstacle,

 Difficulty & Problem! 

He Gets You...
& He Understands

end of your rope, hope, overcome, victory

 He Did It Then And...

 He Can Do It Again...
 He Can Do It For YOU! 

Comeback, overcoming, perseverance, never give up, quote

 Time To
 Get Back Up
 Pray & Fight
 For Your Dreams 

Amazing Comebacks Was Penned & Compiled By Max O'Neill for 21st Century Christianity

That's It For This One Friends…

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