The Tricked Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Deceived, Tricked, Duped, Quote, Darth Vader

Appearances Can Be

It's One Of The Enemy's
Favorite Tricks...

To Push Fear & Give
A False Sense Of Security.

 Then Suddenly...When
You're Not Looking...


Tis True The World Over!
And The Ones Who Are Tricked The Most Are The Enemy's Own Minions Who Think…
They Are Doing Some Great Thing...
For Which They Will Receive
 An Eternal Reward!

 BUT It's Such A Lie! 

Muslim Brotherhood, cartoon, quote deceived

Do This Evil Deed Then
I'll Give You Eternal Joy…

But Evil... 
Only Begets...
More Evil.

funny muslim


funny muslim

When You Listen To Evil...
Nothing Is Going To Be OK…
Here & Now...
Or Whenever...

You Always Reap
What You Sow!

funny muslim


What Stupidity!

Oh What Fools These Mortals Be...

remote, hard to understand, not clear


Here's An Example Of How Many
 People In The Industrialized West
Get Tricked.

They Borrow & Borrow & Borrow...
And Live Way Beyond Their Means...

There Is A 
Day Of Reckoning

Oh God, Quote

It Seemed Like The Right Move...
But Now We've Lost Everything

Funny Debt


At Least Someone Is Happy

Funny Loan

It's Like Watching The Movie…
Dumb & Dumber

Funny Wife,

Professing Themselves To Be Wise,
They Prove Themselves To Be fools… 
(Romans 1:22)

funny stupid, dumb

The Enemy Whispers...

Don't Think About The Future...
Don't Act On The Problem...
Just Put Your Head In The Sand
And Don't Rock The Boat

Funny, it's All Good, No Worries

Go To Sleep... & Don't Worry @ A Thing

You See It Everywhere You Turn & Folks Are Just Such Suckers For The Big Lie! 

The Enemy Loves To Play That Card,

But A Wise Soul Will Look Beyond The Rhetoric & The Maneuver  &... 

See The Truth!

1 Peter 5:8, The enemy as a roaring lion, selling who he may devour

The Enemy Is Out There Like A Roaring Lion Seeking Whom He Might Devour…

Nevertheless Folks Get This False Sense Of Safety… Being Told… Hey...

Don't Worry...

Everything Is OK!
Then...A Bit Later...Big Surprise...

funny lie

The Enemy Is Such A Liar

funny jesus

By Contrast
If You're Really Looking For
The Truth 
Real Change
Real Hope &
Real Security...
It's There To Be Had

You're Not Alone, Jesus Quote

Just Waiting
For You

jesus star wars

That True Friend Is Jesus... & In Him There Are No Tricks... Only True Love, Hope And REAL SOLUTIONS! If We Will Just Listen To Him & Follow & Obey His Word! Not A Ton Of Traditions Or Manmade Spiritual Manacles… But The Simple Truth Of His Loving Sample, That Jesus Set For Us When He Came & Lived & Died For Us All! If We'll Just Follow Him… Then Everything Really Will Be OK!

It Comes Down To A Choice & 
Who We Are Going To Believe…

Who Are We Going To Choose

Moriah Peters who wrote this beautiful song (at the age of 16) was a high school student and really searching for the truth. She came from a good Christian family, but as all kids do… she went through that stage where her faith had to stand on it's own.

Most of the kids in her school were atheist and she tried to stand up for what her folks had told her, but it finally came to that point when she needed personal conviction. So she went out into her back yard and looked up into the sky… as most of us have done and said, "Jesus If You're Real… then show me!" He did and she was faced with a choice… the song says the rest!

Sometimes That Choice Seems Like Such A Tough One At The Time… It Is The Choice Of A Lifetime! Believe The Truth OR Take The Lie! Realize You Need Jesus Or Falsely Believe Everything Is OK Without Him.

We All Must Make A Choice

Don't Be Tricked!
Choose Jesus…
Everything Will Truly...
& Forever...

trust the lord, mountain climbing, quote

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