Great Christian Movies

The Christian Movies Page Was Penned & Compiled By Max O'Neill

Here's our suggestion on some Moving Movies that will inspire your faith. Sometimes you can find 'em on "You Tube"... others you might have to download from the net. Great Flicks that will move and encourage your life and heart!

Top 5 christian movies

Our Top 5 Christian Movies
Guaranteed To Make You Mad, Sad Or Glad


Risen, The Movie

We just saw a great movie that we'd highly recommend. "RISEN" --- It's a rare bear in a world of weak Christian movies that often pale in comparison to the truth. Well made with excellent filming, acting and special effects. It brings the point home to any sincere soul that sees it. Catch It If You Can! IT'S A MOVIE... THAT WILL MOVE YOU!

Here's The Trailer... 

The Robe

The Robe, Movie

A classic historical movie fiction based on the reaction of Rome to the birth and spread of Christianity. A really great & noble movie.

Here's The Trailer...

Jesus Of Nazareth

Jesus Of Nazareth, The Movie

The classic presentation of the life of Jesus. Regarded by many as the best presentation ever made of Christ's life and ministry. 

Here's The Trailer (though we will add this trailer does not do the movie justice)...

The Lion, The Witch And

The Wardrobe

The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe

An amazing allegory written by C.S. Lewis that presents the Life of Christ through the eyes of 3 children that stumble into a magical world. Just an amazing reading and an even more fainting watch in video form.

Below is a trailer for the Movie NARNIA...

Chariots Of Fire

Chariots of Fire, The Movie

The academy award winning movie of Eric Liddell ... Missionary to China. It is unquestionably one of the best movies ever made.

Here's The Trailer...

There are hundreds of great moving movies out there that carry a message and pack a wallop! We'd encourage you to look, search and seek out those movies that will lift you, inspire you and motivate you to live a good and Godly life. 

Often we just flick a switch and get some simple entertainment, but you are what you eat and your soul is what you watch, read and put into it. Make your choices wisely... guard your heart well. 

We love and pray for you and pray these few suggestions can be a blessing to you.

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