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Pete's Video Picks 6 Is A Product Of 21st Century Christianity

Great Christian Videos

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Pete Has Been Moving His Friends and Viewers for Years With Inspirational Video Devotionals. Funny, Poignant, Informative and Sometimes Incredible... Each Week Brings Something New That's Sure to Touch Your Heart. Pete & The Staff Cut Through the Clutter of Online Video Content to Bring You a Great Selection That You Won't Want To Miss. One For For Each Week Of The Year... With 100's Of Great Videos To Choose From.

Make A Statement


Heartbreak At Sandy Hook Elementary

The Secrets To Staying Healthy And Growing Old With Grace

the real story of christmas, nativity, jesus birth

The Flash Mob
Caroling Craze

God's Red Lights...
For A Reason

Life & Limb...
They Gave
For Him

hope of spring quote, new start new beginning

You Don't Reward Violent Hateful People 


Haglers Robber 11

A Young Musician On Fire For God

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100 Inspirational Pages...
Almost 500 Great Christian Videos

Now over a hundred great inspirational pages... with almost 500 inspiring Christian Videos. We've worked at it to bring you the best on the net. We ask no donation and there is no other game in play here except to inspire and encourage you in your walk with the Lord. We just pray that you will find something here to make your load a little lighter & brighter... and your connection and faith a wee bit stronger! 

You are the most precious thing in all of God's creation and we treasure being able to bring these to you! Please feel free to drop us a line... a note or a comment. We'd Love to hear from you. Click here for our contact information. With Thanks For You & All You Do For Him, The 21st Century Christianity Team

Pete's Video Picks History & Staff Info

Pete's Video Picks was innitially started in 2009 by Max O'Neill & Tom Willis in the 21st Century Christianity Forums and called Ricks Picks. Eventually Rick... the "the layout man" of the articles, wanted to switch the name (at that time... Rick's Picks) and move the now popular devotions to the main web site of 21st Century Christianity. After some discussion, the name was changed to Pete's Video Picks. In reality these presentations are a compilation of many peoples efforts. The videos are usually from Christian You-Tubers or Vemeo and the pictures are from a wide variety of sources.

Much of the inspiration for doing this project belongs to Michael Graber, Founder of E-Water.Net . He showed through his beautiful precisely done video flashes, the potential for reaching out to the world via video presentations. His years of work and diligence have set the standard for countless thousands of sites that have striven to use the Web to get out the Witness.

To date we have done 100 presentations… (incorporating almost 500 videos) one for each week of the year. Some are simple… others intricate, but all are inspirational. The main goal, hope and dream being to get out the message. We do pray they can be a blessing & encouragement to you!

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Pete's Video Picks Is A Product Of 21st Century Christianity

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