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At 21st Century Christianity We Know that With all the Wiz, Bam, & Boom of Today’s High Tech, Some Things Still Never Change! The Human Hearts' Need for Love, Truth, Hope, Salvation, & Real Friendship are Things that Will Not Vary. They are a Fundamental Part of our Essence and Nature. Come With Us As We Clear Away The Rubble & Get Back to the Basics of What Jesus Taught & Brought So Many Years Ago.

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Make You Mad, Sad Or Glad

You've Got A Friend Who Will
Always Be There

The journey through life is WONDERFUL... but it can be hard and tough at times. It is then that we learn we need something more... something bigger and better than all this world has to offer. We need a friend who will stick with us through all of the ups and downs... in and outs... through everything. For More On This Click Here 

One Precious Life

The enemy and his minions try and belittle the importance of each precious soul. The truth is... that in God's eyes... you are treasured and wonderful. So wonderful He was willing to die to save you. Click Here to see yourself as God sees you.

One precious life

Keep It Simple

Jesus knew it all... understood it all... BUT... He just kept it simple so folks could get it. In a world that can be complicated beyond belief... we need to keep our faith simple and true and alive. For more on this... Click Here.

Is There MORE???
Ben Breedlove's Story

One day we are all going to die... it's a surety. Here-in is the story of a young man who faced death with a knowledge of what was to come... and he wasn't scared. Click Here for the story.

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21st Century Christianity
Reaching The World With Love

Our Goal... Our Hope... & Our Dream Is To Reach & Touch The World With The Love Of God! To be an encouragement to those who are down... A light to those that have no vision... A witness that there is a God Who Loves Us... EACH & EVERY ONE! What A Privilege It Is To Share What We Have Received So Freely!

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