Be Still & Know That He Is God
A Response To A Discouraged Church Worker In 

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abuse, hypocrite, using people, giving to god

 Only To Have It Crushed 

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 Or Maybe You Were Hurt & Decived
 By Someone You Looked Up To
 & Trusted 

abuse, hypocrite, using people, giving to god

It Is In Those Sad Times That You
Must Realize That...

You Were Sincere...
You Were Honest...
You Gave Your All For God
 And He Knows That &
 He Will Not Forsake You 

You have faithfully done what you could. Day in and Day Out you sacrificed and prayed and given and helped. You did it unto the Lord...  and trust me that's how He sees it. When the chips were down, that hireling deserted the flock, but Miki... you stayed... and That is What is Most Precious in Heaven's eyes!

(Miki is a Web site member who had written in about a sad situation where the pastor of their ministry deserted his post and mission field for a lucrative secular job in Australia ... departing with all the ministry finances and many needed ministry items)

comeback, vindication, overcoming

And Know Miki... You Are Not Alone. We've all had our battles to fight & overcome. God gives us all our own crosses to carry. I know you are discouraged and disheartened... we've all been there. The unscathed life does not exist... But We've Survived & So Will You!

Consider Nic...
If He Made It So Can We

Rise Up Above Your Heartbreak

Let It Propel You Forward

isaiah 40 31, isaiah quote, mount up with wings, fly like an eagle

Though You Have Been Broken & Crushed

You Will Rise & Fly Again

Phenix, rise from the ashes of defeat

Are Set-Ups

For Great Comebacks

God gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat

Even The World Gets It...

Trying Times Are...
Times For Trying

And Lastly...

"Consider Him" that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. Hebrews 12:3 

Matthew 26:14-16


Was Given Over
By One Of His Own...

Vilified By
Those Who Needed
Him Most...

& Crucified
By Those He
Came To Save.

He Went All The Way
To The Cross

And Accomplished
His Mission To
Save Us All


Jesus understands all you have been through

Jesus Overcame
The World... & 
So Will You

Be not weary in well doing for in due season you will reap if you faint not. You've gotta see that it is a battle and we are running a race. It's not the falls and the slips and the trips that count... It's how you finish that counts.

In fact the Lord is probably much more proud of those who have overcome Great Adversities... than he is of the simple guy who has never had a big trial or problem. When you have the integrity to stand up for the truth and be faithful for God, despite all the problems the enemy can throw your way, it rings loud and clear. It's such a convicting sample to all.

The Lord is proud of you

And In The End, Those That Live A Life of
Deception & Unrighteousness...

The Scumbags Reap What They Have Sown!

Judas went and hanged himself

Like Judas


Pilate Who Played The Crowd To His Seeming Advantage...
By Giving Them What They Wanted...

Jesus Crucified

Well Old Pilate
Was Exiled To Gaul And
Died in Shame...

Just 5 Short Years Later.

Pontius Pilate Died In Shame

The Key Is... 
To Keep Your Eyes 
On Him...

Be Still And Know He Understands

In Quietness & Confidence Is
Your Strength
Isaiah 30:15

Psalms 46:10

Be Still & Know That I Am God
Psalms 46:10

In times of change and difficulty the worst thing you can do is let yourself get all frazzled and rattled. In trying times that's when you need to go to that still, quiet place of trust and hear from the Lord for what he wants you to do now. When you get that clear leading... then you need to just follow it and know God Will See You Through!

The Song Be Still By Hillsong

Consider... Him

When the storm is raging high,
When the tempest rends the sky,
When my eyes with tears are dim,
Then, my soul, Consider Him.

When my plans are in the dust,
When my dearest hopes are crushed,
When is passed each foolish whim,
Then, my soul, Consider Him.

When with dearest friends I part,
When deep sorrow fills my heart,
When pain racks each weary limb,
Then, my soul, Consider Him.

When I track my weary way,
When fresh trials come each day,
When my faith and hope are dim,
Then, my soul, Consider Him.

Clouds or sunshine, dark or bright,
Evening shades or morning light,
Be it Greatest Joy, or Sadness Grim
Then, my soul, "Consider Him". 

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