Hey You People Of God...
Wake Up

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Wake Up quote, Time is ticking

Move... Do Something...
Touch A Life...
Don't Just Exist...
Get Out There
And Live
For God

It's Amazing if we honestly look around us... there are so many people who need love and encouragement. Rich or Poor, Brillant or Bafoon... the Heart of Man is the Same the World Over.  Be it Billoxi or Beijing...  Minsk or Mindanao... to the 4 corners of the earth... the Human Condition is the same... Irrelevant of Social Status, Wealth or Position... We All Need God's Love!

Awake And Find A Way
By Peter O'Neill

And Here We Are With The Love of God
A Love Sowed to the Earth's... Simple Sod
Through The Blood And Mercy of God's Own Son
Who Died For Us and The Battle Won

That We Might Live, And Hope And  Dream 
The Loving Lives of His Redeemed
With Hearts Protected and Sure In Peace
On Gaining Heaven's Sweet Release 

With Such A Gift That We've Received
How Could We Not Give To Those In Need
To Every Soul God Sends Our Way
May We Awake And Find A Way

Be The Living...

Body Of Christ

Honestly... think about that cloud of witnesses... those that watch us from beyond the veil... those that cheer us on in our Lives for the Lord. What joy there has to be when we touch some soul here, when we are the witness they know we can be. Conversely think of the sadness, when we turn our backs on those in need... when instead of hope we sow despair or sadness or cruelty.

Life Is Short, Tombstone, Only Whats Done For Christ Will Last

Our time is so short here and one day soon we will all join that cloud of witnesses... what then? Will the Lord Greet us With That, "Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant" or will we be ashamed for our lethargy and lack of Love for those that Needed US! Those that God Put In Our Path.

Can You Really Ignore Those Precious Souls...
The Needy People... Just Like You Once Were,
Thinking... "HEY... You're Not My Problem"

God Help Me

Where Would We Be If Someone Hadn't Of Stepped Out Of Their Comfort Zone...

To Tell Us The Truth

Conviction quote, Actions Speak Louder than words

If You Believe

A Shampoo

Is Great...

You'll Tell Your

Friends About It.

funny shampoo commercial, best shampoo, lion tamer

If  You Think Your Football Team

 Is a Winner... 

You'll Let The World Know It

go irish, Notre dame, Carroll hall

If You Really Believe Jesus Is The Greatest And That He Has Brought Victory To Us All...

Then You Won't Be Able

 To Keep Your Mouth Shut

jesus my king, jesus on horse, victory

God Help Is To Wake Up And

Follow Him

So The Bottom Line of The Wake Up Page Is
Just That Folks...

Wake Up

And Reach Out

And Touch The World Around You!

make a difference

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That's It For This One Friends…

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