Problems In Palestine
Create A Palestinian State...  Really???

Ya Think So??? Maybe Not!

The Palestine Page was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

With the recent problems in Paris & Gaza we are re-pubing this page. Originally written several years ago it is still very pertinent today. 

Terrorist, islamic nightmare, radical jihad

Today there is a huge call for recognition of Palestine. We all want peace… we want a better, more fair and honest world… would forcing a Palestinian State down everyone’s throat help?

Imagine Israel Was France Or The USA... Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Paris Attack 2015, Sarcastic Picture


Well my family is Irish and in the day the Irish suffered some of the greatest brutality and inhumane conditions that you can imagine. They were a nation of about 5 million people… suppressed… virtually imprisoned in their own country… Un-imaginable by today’s standards. They fought for their country and lost, but what they did next is what mattered.

They moved on… they kept living… they were smart enough to go where the grass was greener… where they could live freely… where there was hope. Today there are over 76 million Irishmen in this world and they don’t live in what was old Ireland. They went into all the world and started over and God blessed them and they have done great. Some battles are nuts to keep fighting for.

Not To Say That There Aren't
Many Wonderful Palestinians

But Only Through The Prince of Peace

Can The World Find True Peace

Palestinian peace

The Reality Is... 
Many Who 
The Palestinian People...

Actually Could Care Less About Helping Them...

Their Main Goal...
Is To Push Their Religion 
As They Strive For Power & Influence

Children, Suicide Bombers

Many Who Support Israel, Love Life
& Want Peace For All

human shields, islam insanity

Terrorist From Palestine & Isis
Are Just Nuts & A Nightmare...
Most Of All To Their Own People

Violent Islam beheading

In The End...He...That Lives By
The Sword... Will Die By The Sword

You reap what you sow

Most Honest People
Are Sick of The Violence

Middle East Violence

The Hate

Palestinian Rackets, Gaza Violence, Terrorism

And The Terror

ISIS Terrorist, Middle East Violence

"Bob Dee" from our Forum pages posted this and the next picture. It had about 50 positive responses. 

"Yes how could we not support Israel. Just ridiculous that proposal. The whole 'Muslim Arab Cause' is just a joke and a mess and we've had just about enough with all their garbage. 9/11 and all these terrorist bombings... really who and how could you support giving them anything. They have earned nothing but disdain. They are a nightmare on the world. Just sick of hearing about 'em and their rot."

Everything You Need To Know About Islam, 911 Quote

Someone Else Added
The Following Video

So... All That To Say...

We Get It… Unlike Many Who Wish To Put Their Heads In The Sand! We are at War with a violent ruthless enemy and we all need to wake up! Don’t be deceived by calls of Peace and Support on the Behalf of the Palestinian People. The only peace that can come short of the Lord’s Return is through peaceful negotiations and the Palestinians should be thankful and humbly get whatever they can get or they should move on if they can.

Israel peace, Palestinian negotiations, middle-east peace

We Know The Truth And

We had a video here of what happened...
but they won't allow it to be shown. 
But I remember.
My daughter was in DC and I watched it all unfold on TV.
I tried to call her from here in Japan for 12 hours to make sure she was ok. My daughter is a Flight Attendant. It was horrible. 

 Our Vote Is No To The Terror

No To The Nightmare That Is
The Islamic Religion

& No To A Palestinian State.

You Can't Deal With Crazy People Who Want To Kill You

Wake Up World

That's It For This One Friends…

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