Broken To Win

Broken To Win Was Penned and Compiled By Peter O'Neill

There Is A Reason For every Trial
Every Difficulty
Every Impossible Situation

It Is The Stuff Of Magic & Legend & Every Hollywood Movie Tries
To Copy It

victory from seeming defeat, Hoosiers

From The Guy...
That Comes Out Of The Soup Line...
And The Pit Of Hopelessness...

james j braddock, heavy weight champion, underdog, victoria from seeming defeat, great comeback

To Win... 

The Boxing Heavy

Weight Championship Of The World

To The Fella 
That Faces
The Impossible...

sir edmund hillary, painting, mount everest

And Climbs / Conquers
The World's
Highest Mountain

edmund hillary, mount everest, 1st man to the top, victory out of seeming defeat

Sir Edmund Hillary

Almost Every Truly Great Athlete, Great Leader Or  Great Person... Has A Story To Tell, Of How They Overcame Some Huge Insurmountable Obstacle.

persistance quote, christian quote, patience quote, can do quote

As Sure As The Night Follows The Day…
Their Victories Were Born From

Great Breakings… 

Great Trials & 

Great Heartaches

paid the cost to be the boss, quote, coffee mug, overcoming quote

Each & Every Single One Went Through Great Difficulty To Reach The Top Of Their Field. It Is The Price Paid By All Those Who Touch This World For God

Look At Moses…

Young & Aggressive,

Strong & Impressive... Confident...

christian quote, moses as a shepherd

Or Was That Breaking Necessary To Make Him The Man God Wanted Him To Be

     He killed the Egyptian and had to flee for his own life, unable to help his own people. If anything he made their situation worse. Was this a mistake? Or did God have to allow him to go through this, to break him and humble him and remake him into a man of faith… a man totally dependent upon God… a man who could truly accomplish God's purpose!

     40 long years in the desert, tending sheep, learning the lessons he needed to learn. 40 long years before he could return to deliver his people. Was It A Mistake...

christian quotes, moses destiny, prepared by difficulties

Sometimes… Almost Always...

God Uses Broken People To

Accomplish His Will.

Look At...

John Osteen…

Joel Osteen's Dad

As a young minister he had a number of problems that just crushed him and crushed his ministry and he wound up leaving his church and pastorate to become a secular salesman. Years of heartache and anguish before he was able to come back and build a new and better work for God.

Was that a big mistake? Or did God have to do that to make him one of the most sincere and compassionate pastors ever. A man whose love, understanding and care… would reach out to anyone... and a man who could truly have faith for others because, he had been such a mess himself.

Such a breaking, but it gave rise to one of the biggest movements and ministries of our day.

christian quotes, john olsteen, jesus cartoon, Humpty dumpty

The List Is Endless... I Could Go On For Hours of Broken People Making A World...
Whole For God

Invariably When We Go Through Problems ... We Ask Why?

why quote, why is this happening, oh lord quote

Why The Pain... Why The Heartache...

Why The Suffering?

We Just Don't See God's Hand In It Yet...

But It's There... 

God's Plan Is Ever Present!

Even Jesus Asked... 

"ELI... ELI...

 Lama Sabachthani... 

My God...


Why Have You Forsaken Me?"

We Just Can't See God's Future Plans...

His Endgame Is Beyond Our Finite



There Is A Reason & A Plan

Hebrews 5:8, JESUS learned obedience through the things he suffered, quote

It Looked Horrible & Seemed Hopeless...
On Friday... Folks Couldn't See The Victory... But...

Sunday Was Coming

All Of Mans' Pain & Suffering...
Despair, Trials & Death Were
Soon To Be Roadkill In The Rear View

jesus set me free, jesus paid the price, forever free quote

Victory Won & Triumph Born

From Mankind's Most Terrible &

Unbelievably Insane Injustice

With That Promise

We Will Rise

& Be Victorious

So If You Are Going Through

A Tough Time... 

Look For The Silver Lining...


You're Being Broken To Win

keep believing, christian quote, keep trusting, praise

God Has A Purpose & A Reason

christian quote, keep praying, keep fighting, tim tebow

Truly…There Is...


christian quote, no victory without a battle, no testimony without a test

So Don't Fear My Friend 
Yours Is The Victory In The End 

No Matter What The Pain,

Heartbreak,Suffering or Trial...

This Bitter Sadness

Will Only Last A Little While 

Then You...

The Victor...

Will Forever Be 

Here & Now…

And For All…




That's It For This One Friends…

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