Believe In Miracles

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The Rest Are
In A World Full Of Doubt

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The Key Is...

Not To Give Up On Your Dreams

Have Courage...

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And Faith...

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And Initiative...

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And Patience...

Waiting For
God's Perfect Timing

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You've Gotta


Finnish The Race

Those That Believe In Miracles
Are Most Often...
Those That Hear From God

Listening To God

The Lord's Voice
Constantly Calls Out

To His Children

isaiah 30:21, you will hear a voice saying this is the way

Lead & Guide...

Inspire & Encourage,


Help Us

To Rise Up Overcome

Hearing From God

It Gives You...
Faith & Hope...

To Believe In Miracles

To Believe In...

Love & Wonder

To Believe In...

A Great Tomorrow

Sadly Though...

Proverbs 29:18

You've Gotta Believe In Miracles

If you can't hear or see or know... all the wonders that God has in store for you personally. If you don't know His plan for your life... then you're sunk. You're like a ship without a rudder, a car without a steering wheel or an airplane without a pilot. You're a hiker without a compass... YOU ARE A DREAMER WITHOUT A DREAM! You've Gotta Hear From God Or...

You Are...

You've Gotta Know

luke 12:32, kingdom quote

The Lord God Of Israel
He Changes Not...

jesus the same yesterday today and forever, quote


He Wants To Give You
A Great Life...

A Life...
That Will Touch This World


A Life...

That Will Make A Difference

find your destiny

God Has

A Purpose

And A Plan

open your heart

His Word
What He Says

proverbs 30:5

 If You've Been
Discouraged By 
Some Difficulty... Or Plagued With Some Problem... 
Realize That...

It Was There To Make You Stronger
Or Humbler...
More Concerned
For Others.


Better Not Bitter

 The Future Belongs
 Believe In Miracles 

flip the switch and the darkness will flee by itself

God's Secret Agent

That potential is always there, but we each have a choice! Many fail to believe that God has a special plan for them and they sadly suffer day after day with burdens and sadnesses that were unnecessary. 

God's plan for your life might not be some place of great wealth or power or position. Not that it wouldn't be... But... It might also be a simple place of service where you help others. A place where you touch your particular part of the world as only you can. You are God's secret agent there representing Heaven. He has you there for a reason.

Look at all the people God has used throughout time. They were just simple people with yielded hearts, willing  to do the masters bidding. From Samuel who said, "speak Lord thy servant heareth", to Mary who said, "be it done unto me even according to thy word". Noah obeyed & built the boat... Peter obeyed & left the boat behind. Each in his turn, be it small or great... they BELIEVED & DID WHAT THE LORD TOLD THEM TO DO. It Made All The Difference Between Greatness & A Lost Life Lived Without Real Purpose! 

The Power & The Promise
Is There For Each Of Us

May God Help Us To
Listen To His Voice &

From The Beginning Of Time

Great Things Awaited

Those That Believe In Miracles

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PS. Last Month Someone Wrote In To Our Forums Asking How To Know God's Will For Their Life. We Add Those Posts Here To The Believe In Miracles Page... Seemed To Fit.

How To

Hear From God

Jan 28, 2015 at 8:07pm 

Post by Janine on Jan 28, 2015 at 8:07pm

Hello everyone here especially to the administrators. I just saw this site 2 days ago and I can't thank God enough for bringing me here. God knows I am needing wisdom with so many things. By just reading the posts and stories, I feel God's embrace upon me.--I just have a question--How do I know that my dream or desire is from God?--Thank you..God bless you more and more.

Added To The Believe In Miracles Page Feb 2015

Jan 29, 2015 at 10:24am 

Post by Peter on Jan 29, 2015 at 10:24am

Hi Janine! Thanks for writing in & thankful the site is a blessing to you! Knowing God's will for your life is a very personal thing, between you and Him! That being said someone once shared the following with me that has always been a help.

The Seven Ways To Know God's Will For Your Life

#1 Is The Word... The Bible. (The best way to hear from God is to know what He has already told us.) Is your dream or desire something that runs with what God has already said? If not then you can be pretty sure you're missing His Highest and Best! 

#2 The Voice Of God's Word...  Your praying @ something and suddenly this verse pops into your mind which fits the situation you are praying about. The Holy Spirit is a teacher and can bring things to your remembrance. (John 14:26) Should I eat that super surgery fat filled donut Lord? ...and suddenly you remember the verse... "defile not the temple of the Holy Ghost which is your body." 1st Cor 6:19

#3 Direct Revelation... Then there are those times when you are praying @ something and it's kind of borderline... a life choice. Take the job or go to school. Get married or wait... etc. So it's on your heart and you're praying about it and when you go to bed you have a dream that makes it all pretty clear.

     I once was praying about going to a foreign mission field and had a dream of a map with the name of a dinky little town in the country. Never had heard of the area & absolutely had never heard of the little town. It turned out to be the key to starting a great work. When we got there a guy marched us down to a beautiful house fully furnished and we were able to rent it for almost nothing. It became the base for our work and to this day some 40 years later has missionaries and a thriving outreach. All from that one stupid little dream.

#4 Godly Counsel... Ask your pastor or some good Godly folks for advice. Often they can see things from a different point of view or at least an outside point of view. Their experience and wisdom can often really help you to see things you might otherwise miss.

#5 Circumstances & Conditions... You want to go on a trip and boom... the airport closes for a blizzard. You want to buy a house and the loan falls through. You want to buy a car and suddenly, out of the blue... Uncle Harry offers to pay for it.

#6 By Burdens... You just really want to do something and feel a leading to do it. Sometimes God gives that irrepressible desire to do something.

     A fellow I know was Mayor of a small town on the coast in Northern Japan. He was uneducated per se and a very simple man, but he just had this unstoppable burden to set up an emergency warning system for all the people in his town. He would not be dissuaded and spent a large amount of money to put a warning speaker in every house. It seemed like a waste, but then the 2011/3/11 Earthquake & Tsunami happened. They had worked for years for such a day and were able to warn and get every person in the town to higher ground. Not one person in his town died... though the town itself was completely destroyed. In a nearby town (Minami San Riku) just a few miles away... 10,000 people died. Sometimes God gives you a burden that you just can't ignore!

#7 By Fleeces ... Once Gideon was asking God for a leading and he set a condition for God to meet. God if this happens then I'll know this is your will. Well the impossible then happened. Then Gideon changed the fleece and said if the opposite happens then I'll know it's your will. Again the Fleece was answered and Gideon went on to accomplish God's purpose. Judges 6:36-40 Setting a condition and God answers it! 
     I was once in doubt of a big step I was taking and asked God to have me meet a certain person in the middle of a big city if it was His will. To be specific I was going to pioneer Communist China in 1981. It just scared me and seemed all too impossible and I really needed encouragement to take the step... so I prayed I'd run into this specific person in San Diego, California. The last time I had seen or heard from them they were in Mexico city and had absolutely no reason to go to California. As I got out of the car and walked across the department store parking lot... here they came. WOW! I never doubted again! We went on to help open China to the Gospel and the Lord did many mighty miracles to keep us.

     God can answer a condition if needed.

The above ways to check your leadings and decisions, work from the top down. #4 should never run contrary to #1 The Word... #2... #3... ETC. You have some Burden... or some pastor or seemingly godly folks tell you to do something that runs contrary to what you know God has already said... then you can be pretty sure you're missing it. 

Keep an open heart and mind. Don't be so full of yourself or your plan or your program. Be yielded to what God has for you and then... even if it takes time... You'll Get His Highest & Best!

Hope that helps Janine & thanks again for writing in! Really treasured your post and encouraging words! May God Bless & Keep You & Continue To Make You A Blessing To Many!

great things await those that believe

Joshua 24:15

That's It For This One Friends…

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