Righteousness ... Doing The Right Thing

The Righteousness Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

The body of Christ, Quote, Be the body, do the right thing, righteousness, honesty, goodness

Like These Girls...

In A Game Whose Outcome
Will Soon Be Forgotten.
A Lesson...
That Might Very Well Last...

Mallory Holtman, Liz Wallace, good sport, baseball miracle

Sadly Some Christians Have Forgotten... From Whence They Came & What They Have Received

Jesus and Mary magdalen,

They Justify
Any Number Of 
Unloving & Unrighteous Actions

car thief, carjack

Live Like HELL...

And Whisper...

"Thank God Jesus Died For All My Sins"

funny billboard, Scumbag

Ya Gotta Be Pretty Dumb
To Fall For That Line of Thought.
Because Actually...
In This Life...

you reap what you sow, integrity quote

Sure As The Sun Rises In The East
And Sets In The West...
There is a Price To Be Paid For Sin

don't fool yourself, honesty quote

Jesus Lived & Died To Save Us From Sin...
So We Could Have Good
Loving, Caring & Inspired Lives

stand up for what's right, courage quote

Stand Up For The Truth & Live A Fruitful & Meaningful Existence.

No Matter What The Hardship...
Difficulty, Danger or Sacrifice.

Be Righteous...
And Do The Right Thing.

Be Like...
Pauline Jacobi 
The Grandma
Who Refused
Give In
A Thief's Demand

Pauline Jacobi, 92 year old grandmother that stood up to a thief

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The story is told... (Tongue in Cheek) by some Christians of Emperor Constantine of Rome who in 337 repented on his death bed and received Christ. He supposedly did all sorts of hell and then smartly repented at the last hour. Their subliminal message is they can do all sorts of mischief now and have the easy life and repent later. Well friends... it doesn't work like that. 

You Can't Trick God

Invariably all those that walk that road and get tripped off on that evil sidetrack... will pay a horrible price. We are saved eternally by grace, but in this life you can't expect God's Blessing on You and Yours if you're playing footsie with the Devil. You will suffer. It will infect your mind and heart and soul. You will loose your joy and happiness and peace.

Maybe you will have some physical goodies or ease of life, but your spirit will be darkened and all those around you will be affected. 
I'm guessing Emperor Constantine was sincere and did get saved... but imagine what he and his family lost there. And as a foot note you might notice that the Roman Empire soon thereafter collapsed.

What Might Seem Real Smart...
Can Turn Out To Be a Real Stupid Move

lighthouse, you are the light of the world, integrity quote

If You Believe in Jesus 

Then Live It

The Only Gospel That Most People Ever Read

Is The One Bound in Shoe Leather

And That's You & Me!

Bible, Integrity Quote, bible bound in shoe leather

May Our Lives
Preach The Sermon
Of His Love!

The Bottom Line...
His Love Goes Much Further
Than The Law Ever Could

We do know that Jesus died for all our sins. He hung out with the publicans and the problem folks... the whores and the tax collectors... the simple people and the sinners. He Gave Them A New Start & A New Hope! A Road Of Life, Love & Repentance... but he said... "Go & Sin No More!" He loved 'em all the way to Heaven... just like he loves you and me. 

     But He Knew... & We All Need To Know... That Doing The Wrong Thing Is Going To Hurt Us & All Those We Love! Better To Be Righteous & Do The Right Thing!

Some Folks Get It & Some Don't. 

His Love Goes Much Further
Than The Law Ever Could.

That's It For This One Friends…

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