JK Wedding Magic
Is This The Wedding Processional Of The Future?

JK Wedding Page is Written by Peter O'Neill

Possibly Not... But... To Keep Christianity Alive & Moving... We Need to Move With The Times! This Is A Great View... Of A Great Crew Bringing Meaning To Their Wedding Ceremony! Enjoy a Smile With Jill & Kevin's Wedding Entrance! With Over 90 Million Views it is Probably One of the Most Witnessed Wedding Events in History! 

JK Wedding - June 20th,2009 Saint Paul, Minnesota

Jill and Kevins Wedding Picture, Jill and Kevin

This Risky Wedding Processional had such massive impact on the viewing audience that with-in hours of being posted it was watched by millions. Later as the number grew to 10's of Millions, TV Producers and News Shows started taking notice and hundreds of copies and related programs came into being. News shows led with this and re-enactments were done in any number of locations. At the heart of it all though was just a very precious couple, Jill & Kevin Heinz who wanted to make their day special. What an inspiration it was when their Friends, Families and Pastor got behind them to help make their dreams come true. 

They are really one of the sweetest and most loving couples you will ever meet.

Jill Kevin Wedding, Jill Kevin Heinz

Although Jill and Kevin Heinz’s wedding entrance may not be for everyone, it definitely put a big smile on my face. Sure, somersaults down the isle, big pink sunglasses, and a slo mo Matrix-y type performance is a bit unorthodox. 

However, your wedding day is a day to be special and a day to be remembered. They took a risk by doing their very different entrance, but for everyone there and all the millions who have witnessed their brave & bold adventurous processional... it has been just that... Special... Magical... and Memorable!

It took Courage to Venture out and Challenge the Status Quo and do something so New.  

But What A Wonderful Thing It Was!

JK Wedding, ABC news, jill kevin wedding

Throughout History It Has Been Those Who Were Willing To See The Potential... Able to Grasp The Possibilities... & Strong Enough to Fight Through "The Hardened In Stone Traditions of Men"  who Have Made Our Most Inspiring Breakthroughs. They Have Reached Out and Touched the Spirit of God To Bring Life and Hope and Joy to All!

Jill & Kevin You Get
Two Thumbs Up From Us!

Thank You for Your Bottle-breaking Inspirational Wedding!

We Pray Your Lives Together
Will Be Equally As Magical

Jill and Kevin Wedding, Jill and Kevin

That's It For This One Friends…

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