Daily Light 4

Daily Light 4 Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

Food For The Soul
Daily Light Inspiration 4-1

Feed Your Soul

Sometimes we work so hard to feed our body. We prim it, we prune it and we trim it... we dress it in great clothing... we give it everything you can imagine... BUT in contrast...We Absolutely Starve Our Souls. We neglect that which is most important. 
Having a full stomach and a full purse and a full head cannot give you a full heart. In fact, if you put the desires of this life above the needs of your spirit, then you will find that nothing ever satisfies! You will become as the world-famed poet, Lord Byron, who despaired at the height of his fame, "I have drunk of every fount of pleasure and quaffed every cup of fame, yet, alas, I die of thirst!"
So... Friends..."Taste and see, the Lord is good...blessed is the man that trusteth in him." (2Cor.4:16; Isa.55:1,2; Psa.34:8) 
Take Time For That Which Is Most Important...

The Strongest People In God's Kingdom... Are Those Who Love & Treasure... & Are Nourished By The Word Of God!

It's A WAR

Daily Light Inspiration 4-2

Spiritual Battles

Some folks seem to think it's a cake walk... BUT... 
The Fact Is... If You Do It RIGHT... It's A FIGHT!
If you're NOT making a difference and touching lives & hearts & souls & minds for Christ... then fine... the enemy will just let sleeping dogs lie. But if you're a soldier for Christ and you actually do something with your faith... watch out... You're gonna have to put on the gloves.
2 Timothy 3:12 says... "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." John 15:20 "Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you" --- Almost all the early disciples died as martyrs because they didn't just sit on their hands. They lived their faith and many from that day to this have paid the ultimate price.
Truth Be Told... It's a FIGHT Worth FIGHTING! We sacrifice... we love... we give... we teach... we train... we give up comforts and ease... AND IT'S WORTH IT ALL. 
How can we look at a world in darkness and not shine a light. How can we look at those in pain and not do something. It Takes Courage... It Takes Guts... But if we will fight the good fight... it will be worth it in the end. Worth It All To Hear Him Say...
Well done, thou good and faithful servant... 
Enter thou into the joy of thy lord. 
Matthew 25:21 
We stand upon the shoulders of those who were courageous before us... those who gave up everything to bring us His Truth & Love & Light... 
Should We Not Do The Same For Others???

This Jesus, He Moves Me

Daily Light Inspiration 4-3

Jesus Moves Me

He Healed The Sick... Raised The Dead... 
He Made The Blind To See
He Did All This & So Much More
And He Died For You & Me
But The One Thing He Never Did
Was Leave Folks Feeling Flat
They Either Loved Him Or Hated Him
They Either Followed Or They Went Back
So When Your''re Tellin' Folks About The Man 
That Came To Set Us Free
Take The Time To Get It Right
So His Loving Heart They All Will See
Move 'Em... Shake 'Em Up... Leave An Impression
Make Em' Mad, Sad Or Glad
Jesus In You... The Hope Of Glory 
Also Just Happens To Be The Hope...
That We Won't Put Folks To Sleep.

We Are Ambassadors For King & Kingdom
And We Need To Represent Him Well

Neither Do I Condemn You
Daily Light Inspiration 4-4

He among you that is without sin... let him cast the 1st stone. The message was... "for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" Ro 3:23 
Neither do I condemn you...
The Message Was... 
"Mercy is Greater than the law" 
And lastly to this poor terrified girl who had just escaped death at the hands of a savage mob... "Go & Sin No More"
The message WASN'T... 
"Hey babe those evil people were wrong... rock on Mama"
The message was... Change your ways..."Go & Sin No More."
There was a lot for everyone. For the critical self righteous crowd... The message was 
"Love is the Greatest Law."
For the poor terrified girl the message was... there are rules for a reason and you need to wake up and clean up your act.
I doubt anyone left there that day unchanged. His enemies were MAD... the mob SAD... & the young lady left GLAD. All getting a good sample of how God sees it. --- John 8
Isn't He Wonderful?

Let Your Life
Be Your Sermon

Daily Light Inspiration 4-5

Let Your Life Be Your Sermon


Jesus said to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every CREATURE." How do you do that, when you don't speak the language or can't verbally communicate? The one universal language is LOVE. It is what everybody understands. It is what everybody needs.
They might not remember the high and mighty things you Say... BUT... they will get what you Do and How You Treat Them. Even a dog or simple animal gets it. Love is a language that everybody speaks.
It is a message so true and so pure that people sense it and get it. Like Mother Teresa giving her life to care for the ugly, the sick and the poor of India. Or your Mom or my Mom who patiently loved us and taught us and trained us. It is a sermon that speaks louder than any words ever could.
God loves us all... He loved us all the way to the cross. He saw the good and possibilities of what we could be and become. May God help us to love others the way He loved us.

Because Honestly...

What Everybody Needs

Is Love

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