Funny Christian Stories 2
A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like A Medicine 
Proverbs 17:22 

Funny Christian Stories 2 Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

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Even Though Your Situation Might Be Tough...
And Everything Seems Like It's Up In The Air...

It's Best To...

smile and the world will smile with you
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Com'on Now...

Put Your Happy Face On…

Want to Improve Your Business?

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Smile... It Looks...

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Good On You!


Mirth is God's Best Medicine.
Everybody Ought To Bathe In It.

Henry Ward Beecher

A Little Gift... For That Person In Your Life
That Thinks They Know Everything...

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What is Greater than God?

More Evil Than Satan? ...

Rich People Need It...

Poor People Have It...

And If You Eat It You Will Die. 


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The Wise Ol' Soul Knows That...

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Christian Drivers Creed...

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If The Pastor
Ain't In Tune With The Master
It Can Be...Absolute Disaster...

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Sure Shootin'...

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Oh God Help Me Please
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Lord Teach Us To Count The Days...
Ps. 90:12

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What Do They Call Pastors in Germany?

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"German Shepherd"...

Of Course!


The Eyes of the Lord Are Everywhere
Perceiving the Good and the Evil

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You Can't Beat the Dog...
And Trust Me…
You Can't Beat God

Can You Hear
That Still Small Voice That Says…
"Hey You There..."

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When You Get Down To It...

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Check Your GPS
(Godly Positioning Sensor)

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Yo… Don't Miss The Boat

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Here We Have An Artist Rendering

Of The Initial, Ocean Vessels'...

 "Land Proximity, Early Warning System"

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If History Was...
To Repeat

Life is Good…
There is Much To Be Thankful For

Even if Things Get a Wee Bit Tough & Cold…
Seemingly Dead & Lifeless…
Know The Lord Will See You Through To Victory...

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He'll See You Through To
The Spring of a New Day

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Trust God For It All



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It Is Scientifically Proven That Those That...
Smile More...

Live Longer...
(Click Here To Link w/ That Study)

So Come On...
Add Some Years To Your Life
And Life To Your Years
Give Us A Big Ol'


In every life there are ups and downs. The only way you'll ever be able to be really happy through it all... is if you know the Lord and Know That He Is In Control. Then You Can Heave That Big Sigh Of Relief... SMILE... And Trust Him To Work It All Out. 

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We do hope you know Jesus, Because He Really Is Your Best Friend. He Loves & Cares For You Like No Other... And When All Others Leave Or Forsake You... He Will Still Be There... Through Whatever Life Might Hold!

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When All Others Leave You...

He Will Still Be There...

Understanding... Loving... Caring...

No Matter What Might Happen...

He Never Fails!

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