See The Heart

See The Heart Is Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

See The Heart

And What He Sees & Knows
Would Shock Us

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When All Is Said & Done...

And God Rings The Final Bell...
I Think Many Will Be Surprised

man looks on the outward appearance god on the heart, quote


Look Beyond The Fronts... &

The Cover-ups & The Weaknesses.

Really Search Out The Truth

See The Heart...

the good the bad & the ugly

Jesus Disciples Didn't Look So Great

Jesus's disciples and those he called friends were seldom the high and the mighty. Most of his followers were fishermen, tax collectors and a lady who started life with a Less than stellar reputation. But He could see in them... what others could not see… He could see their potential... He could see them for what they would become! Shouldn't we see others… those who touch & affect our lives… shouldn't we see them... as God sees 'em?

mary magdalen, jesus writing in the sand, adultery

Beyond The Fronts
& Cover-ups

Don't judge a book by its cover

Case In Point...
The 1914  WW 1
Miracle Truce

The True Story is told of the Impromptu Truce that took place on Dec. 24th, 1914, in the trenches along the Western Front During WW 1. Invariably almost all there would die over the next few months and years, But On This One Magic Christmas Night Something Wonderful Happened that has spoken loud and clear to countless millions throughout the years since.

Miracle Christmas Truce, WW1

First on one side then the other the Soldiers Started Singing Christmas Carols and suddenly there was there... in the mud and the blood and the pitch darkness of eminent death, a realization that this was Christmas. Trees were lit with candles and held aloft and signs scribbled on anything available started going up… “You No Shoot Us, We No Shoot You”.

The Christmas Miracle, WW1, English & German Troops, Truce

See The Heart Published 1st in 2010

Finally one brave officer from the German ranks rose out of his fox hole and said, “I am unarmed and I’m walking out to the middle of no mans land. Will not one of you meet me.” A brave British officer came forth… then another, then another, then another... till finally the fox holes emptied and the opposing forces met in the middle. They shared their drinks and small gifts that they had received from home… buttons and cigarettes and sang songs of praise and thanksgiving for the joy of the day. Peace Reigned… And If Only For That One Moment… It Was Sanity In The Midst Of Hell.

german and british soldiers truce WW1, Christmas miracle

See The Heart Published 1st in 2010

When the morning came they went back to their sides but no one would shoot, the soldiers saying why do I want to kill them… they are good blokes. Finally at the threat of being shot as traitors the shooting resumed, but the bullets were high into the sky and it was days before anyone was injured again. For That One Brief Magic Christmas Day They Could See The Heart Of Their Like Minded Christian Enemies… They Saw It As God Saw It.

The WW1 Christmas Miracle

The Point being that when they died… and most all of them did soon thereafter… the Lord didn't meet them with... hey you German Scum Bag or You Dirty Dog Brit…He Met Each One As The Precious Soul That They Were And Judged Them Each By Their Heart… Not Their Affiliation!

Jesus with soldiers

What do you want to wager that many of these dear gents soon met up together again in Heaven. The sadness and horror of war... a thing of the past and only the peace of God to share for eternity.

If only we could learn from their example of faith and see peoples' hearts as God sees them...What A Better World It Would Be!

There Are A Million Stories Of Folks

Who Looked Bad Or Stupid...
But Later Turned Out To Be
Great, Kind & Wonderful People.
1st Impressions Can Be Wrong

Like Susan Boyle The Matronly

Singer Wanna Be...

susan boyle, I've Got A Dream

In The End...
Like The Lord Sees Her...
They Saw...

Susan Boyle, Singer, Great Heart

Susan Bolye... the matronly 47 yr old Christian Choir singer who had given up her own dreams and hopes to care for her ailing grandmother.

Years of sacrifice and giving had left her completely out of touch with modern day dress and culture.

Chances for this star wanna be to live her dreams... absolutely zero... but she against all odds was willing to try... and because she was willing to try one last time... look what happened. The beauty and the gifts so long held inside shown for all the world to see.

A Diamond In The Rough
Definitely Not Flashy & Shiny… 

Uncut, raw, diamonds


Magic Diamonds

The Lord Can See Beyond Our Problems & Weaknesses... 

He Sees 
What Tomorrow Holds

God sees the heart, The Lord Knows your potential

In The End...Susan Boyle Showed 'em That She Had The Right Stuff
& Given Half A Chance... She Shined

If You'll Look
For The Good In People...

You'd Be Surprised What You Might Find

Matthew 14, Mary Magdalen, washing jesus feet

See The Heart Published 1st in 2010

In Closing...

We're Sure Not Saying though…
That All Folks Are Diamonds In The Rough…Because They Are Definitely Not.

Some People Are Evil To The Bone!
With Hearts As Black As Coal.

In All Cases We Need To
Look Past The Smoke & Mirrors &
See The Heart... See The Truth

 The Good,  
 The Bad
 The Ugly 

As An Example Of Rotten People With False Fronts... We Give You The Majority Of Abortion Doctors & Clinic Owners Who Do A Billion Dollar A Year Bussiness in Murder! They Are Falsely Held Up By Much Of Society As Wonderful Examples Of Brilliance & Compassion...

But You Know... God Sees Their Hearts!

KKK cartoon, pro life joke

Planned Parenthood??? I Think Not…

It's Planned & Condoned Genocide…
A Crime Of Selfish Convenience

pro life joke, no baby yet

How About Any Number Of Politicians
Held Up As The Great Leaders
Of Their Countries.
God Knew Their Evil Hearts...
Even While Many Shouted Their Praises

evil rulers, villains of history, Tyrants

It Is Why It Is So Important to See The Heart. Each Case is Different… Each Case is Unique. So God Help Us To Pray And Ask The Lord To Show Us The Inside of The Book, Show Us The Full Story…

And Show Us The Unvarnished Truth!

See the heart, Wake Up to evil, beheading


But May God Help Us To Also See
His Precious Sheep...
For Who They Truly Are

Jesus Shepherd

 In Each Situation

May The Lord Help Us To

See The Heart

See The Heart

See The Heart



God Sees It

That's It For This One Friends…

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