Ya Gotta Know
That God is in Control

God is in Control Page Was Penned & Compiled By Peter O'Neill

God's in Control

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Get Real Folks

     Over the past month or so there have been so many wild predictions and warnings over the Sept. 27th, 2015 lunar eclipse. From our point of view though... it is more a moment to stop... GET REAL and remember That God Is In Control. 

We Have An Amazing God

The sight of the eclipse was a really cool thing... But so are pictures of distant planets, stars and galaxies. They are all awe inspiring. When you stop to think that God made each of these and how they operate so perfectly & precisely. It just gives a fella hope that everything is going to be ok.

Perceivable Perfection

The video above inspires the thought of how Perfectly God's Creation Runs. In the Majestic Beauty of the Universe We See the Creators Handiwork! 

DaVinci once said "if he only had the chance to see the Amazing Use of the Human Thumb... he would Know That There Was A God!" How much more so when you see the movement of the Planets... the Stars... & the Galaxies.

Earth. Magic Minute, Perfection

Think of it...  How Everything Works In Perfect Unison ... The Intricate And Infinite Design... The Precision and Detail of it all makes it apparent...  That God is Real and He Made Everything for a Reason. Everything Works Under Absolute Control... for a Purpose.

Space, Perfection, Magic Minute

If you are in a situation that seems unstable or chaotic... take a moment to remember that all is going to plan... and God Understands... Knows & Cares. He juggles all the infinite details in absolute order. Romans 8:28. Everything does work together for your good. If you keep that positive trusting attitude... You'll Do OK.

Not To Minimize The Warnings

The Lord does use celestial events to warn us and to announce things of great importance. Like the star at Jesus birth. But For God's Children we should not be in fear or worry. Always remembering that no matter what happens... God's Got A Plan It All. Always!

In 2000 we had a lunar eclipse here in Japan and we all sat outside and ooh'd & aah'd. Shortly there after I broke my leg and the temptation was to be fearful of such events. But as it turned out... that break was one of the biggest blessings that ever happened to us. (On Eagles Wings) Maybe the eclipse did represent tough times... BUT God was still in control...

And He Gave Greater Victories.

The Point Is...
Don't Be Fearful

The Precision and Devine Control of such events should inspire us... God's Children... not to worry, but to Trust Him. Knowing that it's all part of the plan.

Nothing Is A Surprise To God...

If He can control the planets and the stars... The moon and the asteroids... the distant galaxies, black holes etc... Then He can surely and wonderfully care for each of us. Every hair on our head is numbered. 

Nevertheless Folks Will Keep Crying...
Beware... The End Is Here???

It never fails that folks will try and use such events to scare people and manipulate them. Granted problems will come and signs can represent trouble, but it's nothing for us to worry about.

The END WILL COME WHEN IT COMES... look for the signs but don't be fearful. That kind of fear causes folks to give up on their dreams... and run off like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. In the long run causing all sorts of messes. Don't fall for it... Instead Believe God Has Great Things Ahead For You! Know He Will Not Fail... No Matter What! 

Believe In Your Destiny &
The Great Life God Has For You

We Close With...

A Wee Bit Of The Jugglers' Magic! If Michael Moschen can do this exquisite detail with a few balls and a couple of pieces of wood... Think What God Can Do With All Creation. With You, Me & Everyone! He controls every Atom, Molecule, Raindrop, Planet, Sun and Heavenly Body!

To us this was a funny little illustration & example of how God...

Can Put It All Together.


No Worries Mate!
God's Got It All Under Control!

That's It For This One Friends…

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