Resurgent Christianity

Resurgent Christianity is Written for 21st Century Christianity by Peter O'Neill

missionaries behind the iron curtain, up to faith

Not knowing what to expect they naively started passing out their tracts and witnessing to folks about the Lord. To their surprise... no one stopped them... no one arrested them... and everything SEEMED fine! BUT... At the end of their trip as they were returning to Austria they were stopped at the border by the Secret Police and given back every single tract that they had handed out.

How The World Has Changed... Today Hungary is a Hotbed of On-Fire Christians Reaching Out To Touch The World for God! 

Tougher Than Nails...

tougher than nails,

A Greater Force
Than Any Army...

north korean army, soldiers marching

More Powerful
Than Any Politics...

hammer and cycle, communism, flag

Stronger Than Any
Attack Or Persecution

christian persecution, the persecuted church

Something So Precious...
People Are Willing
To Give Their Lives For It

martyred christians, dying for your faith, modern day persecution

It's A Love
Worth Dying For

love, faith, hope

Jesus Is 
To Heaven

the link between god and man

And That's Why
Always... Always...

To A Comeback

Resurgent Christianity, Victorious

2010 Budapest, Hungary

Easter Flash Mob

You might think I'm kidding or stupid or both, but the above video from Hungary speaks louder than anything I could ever say.

As a young missionary we used to smuggle tracks & bibles into closed communist countries. I worked in China but had friends who went into Eastern Europe and specifically remember one story of a team that went to Budapest,  Hungary for their 1st trip. They carried their witnessing material with them and were shocked that they could pass out their lit and talk to folks. They thought "Wow this isn't so bad". They had a great day and finally left to return to their base in Austria... BUT... when they got to the border, the Secret Police pulled them aside and gave them back every single track that they had passed out. The Police had a list of every name and person they had talked to.

Resurgent Christianity
Every Generation Has To Overcome Their Difficulties & Find The Lord

My friends were shocked and dismayed. How could a country be so controlled and so dark and so hopeless. They were terribly discouraged, but it's not the end of the story. They got back on their horses and started learning how to witness in those situations. How to be discreet and effective. Wise as serpents... harmless as doves. From there forward they did a great job and built a beautiful work.

In the end it was the evil godless system that was washed away and the witness won out. The above video has gone around the world and touched millions and millions of lives. Born from a country that not too many years ago was completely closed to the gospel. 

Resurgent Christianity

In The End...
The Witness Wins Out &
The Word Gets Out &
The Victory Is Won!
So It Was & So Will It Ever Be!

Today there is a greater chance than ever before to get out the word... and granted dark days might lie ahead on the horrizon, but it's not now and it's not today! This is our time to reach the whole world... to touch every country... to really witness to every creature. God help us to do our part.

kim klement quote, win a generation for God

Resurgent Christianity 
Driven By The Deep Seated Need In Every Human Heart For Unity With Their Creator

The Bottom Line Is That...

Every Generation has to break free of the bonds of this world and find faith! Salvation is not an inherited trait! Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever... but we as people remain stagnant and cold if that seed of faith isn't born personally into our hearts and lives.

As a young missionary in China it seemed like it was our small band of Missionaries against the world, but Look What Miracles God has done in the last 30 years.  Resurging Christianity ... in places once closed to the Gospel. Russia... the East Block... China... Korea... Vietnam... etc. 

The following year (2011), the Faith Church in Hungary did another Easter dance video. This time they combined with folks from around the world... 

up to faith, faith church, hungary

Many Denominations
Different Groups
One Bottom Line

united christians, non-denominational

To Remember That
Jesus Came and Died and
Rose from the dead...
That He Came to Save Us All!
Here's The Video From Budapest,
Hungary Followed By
The Worldwide Video!

Click Here To Visit The Producers Of This Video At "Up To Faith" Ministries

Impacting Every Continent & Every
Major Country On The Earth...
Christians From Hungary...
Reached Out To
Touch The World!

What A Miracle
What A Witness

Resurgent Christianity

The story repeats and repeats and repeats... the enemy attacks and it looks like God's forces are done for... But Then... The Tables Turn and God Wins. Even when it looks like we are losing... we wind up winning anyway. 

victory out of seeming defeat, Great Comeback

Think of the poor believers being martyred in the Arenas of Rome 2000 years ago. It looked like the end, but they Sang in Praise with a Song in their Hearts and on their Lips... It was the Greatest Song Of Victory that can ever be sung... The One that is made in the Face of Seemingly Ultimate Defeat! From the Blood of the Martyrs Springs New Life and a Resurgence that is Beyond Normal Comprehension.

This is God's Work and No man can Stand Against It or Stop It or Snuff It Out! It's the Burning Fire of God's Spirit and you step on it in one place and it will just burst out somewhere else! It is more than we as mortal men can fathom, but deep in our hearts we can see and sense it... because we have seen the love of God in a thousand places... Working…  Moving… Growing… Changing… Building... 

We Know It Is Real and True!
Always Changing
Always Moving
Forever Resurgent

We Close With The Cool Song
You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
By Newsong

Resurgent Christianity

God's True Children

Making Comeback

After Comeback

Since Time


That's It For This One Friends…

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