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Faithful Unto Death

The True Christian Story of Rachel Scott
A Teen Who Touched The World
With Her Stand of Faith At Columbine

Rachel Scott, Rachel Scott tribute, , Columbine High School

This is One of the Most Amazing Christian Stories, You Will Ever Hear. It starts with a little girl raised in a good home... a little Girl That Grew to Love the Lord With All Her Heart... and finally... A Yound Lady Who Was Forced To Make a Decision to Stand Up for Jesus and Die or Deny Him and Live. Rachel Scott didn't Understand all of what was coming, but she had a Strong Premonition that She Would Never Live to be 20 and that She was Supposed to do Something Important to Touch The World! This is Her True and Moving Christian Story!

Destiny Calls

Rachel Scott Hand, Columbine High School

Words Written By Rachel after tracing her hands on the Back of a chester draw... "These hands belong to Rachel Joy Scott, and will someday touch millions of people's hearts".

Rachel took a definite stand in her High School Years, realizing she had to put the Lord 1st even before her friends. She faithfully witnessed and though she was a really popular kid... her witness was not always well received, but she witnessed anyway. She felt that by kindness and love she could create a chain reaction to make this a better world and she dreamed of one day going to foreign lands to be a missionary. As you know, no missionary can just turn it on and turn it off... You have to have that burning love of Christ with-in you that compels you reach the world... and Rachel did. In Her Short Life She Did Far More Than Many Do... Regardless of Longevity. Little Is Much If God Is In It!

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

They Hated Her For It

Two of the kids she witnessed to were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They were probably the lowest of the low in the school and no one wanted to fool with them, but Rachel did. Three Weeks before her death she tried to talk to them and encourage them to stop a lot of the hateful, weird things they were doing and she tried to bring them to the Lord... They hated her for it.

Time is Short

Over those next three weeks she knew that time was short... she felt it in her gut. Rachel's Diary... which is a whole other Christian Story in itself, describes in detail that she didn't understand what was going to happen, but that something was up and she wouldn't be around for long. She Told her frinds and wrote in the diary that some kind of sacrifice was going to have to be made and she said "she was ready to make it." On the Day of her death she wrote in her diary Lord this is the end... I've gotten what I can."

Rachel Scott, Columbine High School

This Christian Story Paints A Crushing Finale

Her final drawing inspired a book, written by her parents, called"Rachel's Tears" .That drawing was a picture of her eyes shedding 13 tears that touch a rose and turn to blood drops. The rose is growing out of a Columbine plant and is connected to a verse from the Bible that says, "Greater love has no man than this, that a man would lay his life down for his friends".Within 2 hours of Rachel drawing that picture 13 people had been killed at Columbine: A teacher and 12 students. That week was Easter, or Passover Week, and just 2,000 years earlier another teacher and 12 students had impacted the world." (Jesus and The 12 Apostles)

Rachel's Dad... Tells Her Christian Story in His Own Words

Final Pain, Sacrifice And Glory

When Eric & Dylan entered the school and started shooting people, she was one of the first in harms way. Before they got to her they grabbed a kid who was witnessing to 2 other students... (the 2 students had just prayed to get saved ) and they shot him... then they shot Rachel twice... 1st in the leg... then in the back. Realizing she was still alive Harris walked over to her and lifted her up by her hair and asked her if she still believed in her God.

Her response was an unwavering,
"You Know I Do”, upon which he delivered the final fatal shots that took her life.


This Young Lady Died in Faith, She didn't whimper and whine, She Looked the Devil in the Face and said "To Hell With You" and gave up the Ghost to God! Courage in the face of death and in the face of evil. Courage to do what was right... regardless of the cost! What Will Your Christian Story Read? What Will Your Last Words Be?

May We All Be So Brave And Faithful!

The Coward Dies a Thousand Deaths
The Brave But One!

May We Live and Die For Jesus
May We Never Forget the Sacrifice
This Precious Child and Those Like Her,
Made to Teach Us That Lesson!

That's It For This One Friends…

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